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If you feel overwhelmed as a food blogger, there’s a reason why — it’s too all too much! There was a day when a food blogger could be a solopreneur but the industry is changing, expanding, and requiring more and more of individuals who are committed to success. Sara Nelson of the site Real Balanced is here with a new business model: A team approach model to food blogger. She encourages food bloggers to “Marie Kondo” the work and do what brings them joy and find other people to do the rest. Get ready to feel inspired to Sara’s passionate conversation with Marly!

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About Sara

Sara talks about her adventure to starting a food blog, including her passion for low carb diets. It wasn’t her expected career choice, especially after achieving a master’s degree in criminal justice. However, Sara heeded the call and has been pleased with her choice!

The combination of feeling overwhelmed and wanting more is what inspired Sara Nelson to develop a team-based approach to food blogging. She took a risk and managed her blog like a business.

Team-Based Approach to Food Blogging

Sara talks about how she’s developed a team rather than following the traditional model of doing everything herself. Here’s a brief description of what her team looks like:

  • Copyrighter. Sara hired a copyrighter to write the content on her site. Now she doesn’t write her blog posts anymore.
  • Social Media Manager. She has a social media manager her plans and scheduled content for her social media posts.
  • Pinterest Manager. Sara confesses that she personally is not passionate about Pinterest. However, it’s a huge part of her traffic so it makes sense to hire someone to who keeps up on the trends.

Sara feels like If you want to grow a food blog, you need to see it as a business and treat it as a business.

She believes this team-based approach to food blogging is the way forward. People who hire a team are moving forward whereas people who are trying to do everything on their own will struggle to move ahead.

Word of the Year: Diversify

Do you have a word of the year? Sara describes how she picks one every year and this year’s word is: Diversity. Her goal is to move most of her eggs from one basket and diversify income.

As a result she’s working on creating more e-books and other ways to monetize her site.

Show Notes

Here’s some information called out in today’s episode on a team-based approach to food blogging:

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