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If you are feeling a heightened sense of emotion related to your food blog — whether you’re scurrying to update old content or trying to get more traffic — adopting a Curiosity Mindset can transform your entrepreneurial experience. Special guest, Cara Ansis is here to talk about the ways that understanding your motives and underlying negative self talk can drag you down. Even when you’re successful, these underlying messages will make you feel like it’s never enough. Take on the Curiosity Mindset to find more joy in your day-to-day life and as a blogger!

A photo of Cara Ansis shows her holding a sign saying, I Am. The text on the photo shows Cara is with the site Happy Whole Woman.

About Cara

Cara began her career in blogging with the site Fork and Beans. After a series of life-changing events, Cara decided to change directions. She now offers another site, Happy Whole Woman, helping women navigate the emotional and spiritual side of life.

Happy Whole Woman

Cara began the journey of healing old emotional wounds and rewiring the negative internal messaging playing on repeat in her mind. Through this process she discovered a new way of approaching life that gave her much joy and passion.

She also lost 40 pounds. She didn’t set out to lose the weight, but it was a welcomed bonus.

Cara has spent a lot of time focusing on self care as a way to live an intentional life. Now, she’s working on ways to help other women do the same.

Developing a Curiosity Mindset

Marly talked about how Cara encourages a Curiosity Mindset. For example, when you go to check out your traffic, practice first by saying to yourself, “Isn’t that interesting.”

That way you’re developing your curiosity mindset. Rather than feeling bad for traffic being low, or euphoric for traffic being high, you can step into neutral ground and be more balanced in your approach.

As Marly points out, having a curiosity mindset doesn’t have to mean you are less ambitious about your work. It simply creates a more joyous mindset. If you wanted a stressful job, you can find myriad of positions in the workforce for that. But you’ve taken on a different pathway — one that is ambitious but also compassionate.

As Cara says, it takes practice and we can rewire the negative self talk and transform to a curiosity mindset with our work.

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