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Blogging is a lot of work. I think this is particularly the case for food bloggers. Every single post requires hours of pre and post work. It can be overwhelming. If you’ve felt haunted by doubt and overwhelm, don’t despair. Today’s show is just for you because I’m talking with Ali Ebright about Food Blogging Inspiration. If you’re looking for more inspiration, listen to Jessica Merchant talk about Maintaining Your Food Blogging Passion, or how about listening in to Cara and I talk about  about Courageous Creativity on FriChats.

Ali Ebright is the guest on Episode 119 of the Chopped Podcast

Is it true that misery loves company? I think it is, but not always for the wrong reasons. I mean, sometimes it’s just nice to know we’re not alone in our dark moments.

It can be helpful knowing we’re not the only ones in the same, sad boat. There are others. One of my favorite authors, Julia Cameron, used to say, “It’s not crowded at the top, it’s crowded at the bottom.”

And that’s the thing, we can all find ourselves sometimes feeling sad, discouraged, overwhelmed and more. But knowing that others feel this way too? And knowing that it happens to everyone, regardless of their success level? Well, that just helps us lick our wounds and move forward.

So maybe when you’re in that crowded boat, someone will shine a light, showing the way out.

Remember that saying, what you resist persists? It’s applicable. So, if you’re resisting the feelings of being overwhelmed, you may be actually causing them to persist. Sometimes it’s good to just lean into that feeling, let yourself actually feel it, accept it, and from there you can move forward with clarity to do something about it.

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Our goal with the Chopped Podcast is to help you feel more excited about the work you’re doing as a food blogger. We hope today’s episode with Food Blogging Inspiration advice is helpful to the work you’re doing each and every day.

Featured Content – Food Blogging Inspiration

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Ali about food blogging inspiration. Here are some of the specifics:

  • Ali talks about how she started her blog
  • We discuss Ali’s presentation at Chopped Conference
  • Friday Night Lights — it’s kind of required reading/viewing for today’s discussion
  • Ali shares her personal journey with feeling discouraged as a food blogger
  • We talk about clear eyes — and how to have that as a food blogger
  • Can you find ways to have a  full heart? It may not be through overworking yourself
  • Develop confidence to bring yourself forward
  • Are you the kind of boss you want to work for?
  • What are ways you can be kinder to yourself while at the same time reaching professional goals
  • How can you pull yourself from a creative funk?

Show Notes

This episode on food blogging inspiration includes references to some resources you might find interesting. Here they are:

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