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Today’s discussion with PR expert Alistair Clay will tell you why it’s so important to give yourself permission to believe in your story. Because you have one and your audience wants to hear it. Alistair has expertise in helping influencers know their story, have confidence in it, and deliver it to their audience in a way that makes a difference. You’ll also learn how interacting with the media can make a difference for your site and ways to go about that. It’s a power-packed episode full of nuggets that will get your year started out right!

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Getting to Know Al

I had a hard time pronouncing Alistair’s name. He let me know straight away that I wasn’t the only one. What a relief! So, he gave me permission to call him Al, like he suggests to many of his American friends.

Al is a previous reporter turned PR expert. As a result he works with many influencers helping them to discover their story and feel comfortable sharing it with the world.

Permission to Believe In Your Story

Did you start your blog on a whim? Did you used to be a homemaker? A school teacher? A neuroscientist? Whatever your background, there was some impetus for starting a blog. That’s part of your story and it makes your site unique. Compelling.

Al is suggesting that you give yourself permission to believe in your story. And that you begin sharing it with the world!

Show Notes

This episode on Permission to Believe in Your Story includes some exciting stuff that you’ll want to see for yourself!

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