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Do you find the idea of writing your blog posts one of the most difficult parts of your job? Do you ever dread how sedentary a food blogger life can be — hours in front of a computer screen all day long? Do you ever get tired of the stress of putting out today’s fires, day after day after day? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions (or all of them as it’s been for me sometimes), then you are going to seriously LOVE today’s podcast. Today I’m talking Blog Post Production Planning for Food Bloggers with Christine Pittman. It will knock your socks off!

Christine Pittman is the next guest on the Chopped Podcast

When we start with the dream of becoming a food blogger, we’re thinking about the passion of sharing our recipes and love of food with people. Right? We’re thinking about all the fun stuff — testing recipes, light trickling in through the window, illuminating the flour as we roll out the cinnamon rolls. Those are the romantic moments of food blogging. They do happen sometimes, but once you get serious about monetizing your blog, sometimes those romantic moments get pushed aside.

There’s no time to appreciate the romance when you’ve got a sponsored post deadline that has to be emailed today and you still have photos to edit!

If this is how you operate — putting out today’s fires today and dreading tomorrow’s fires because you know they’re coming — today’s interview with Christine Pittman will show you the light to a better way.

The way she describes her process for creating her editorial calendar, planning and scheduling out her posts (months in advance) and then how she actually produces each individual post, will wow you! It may even make you fall in love with food blogging all over again!

Christine and I talked about her very thorough and yet creative process for creating her posts and she said:

There's something about being out on a walk that gets my ideas going a little more. — Christine Pittman #choppedpodcast Share on X

Christine shares lots of great information on her process for developing blog posts, oftentimes at least 3 months out! Along the way you’ll find some nuggets about SEO and other tidbits, like how Christine now talks less about her family and personal life in her posts and focuses more on sharing information on cooking tips.

I love explaining things to people and figuring out something new and different about food and cooking. — Christine Pittman #choppedpodcast Share on X

I feel a relief knowing – I’m moving to post only once a week now – so if I do a day and I cook four or five recipes, my recipes for the blog for a month are done…and that feels really good! You know? I finish the day and I’m like, ‘Whoo! That’s December!'”— Christine Pittman, Cook the Story and The Cookful

Learn more about blog post production planning to make your food blogging days the best ever!

Featured Content – Blog Post Production Planning with Christine Pittman

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Christine, where we discuss:

  • How Christine decided to start her blog Cook the Story
  • Christine’s food-loving family that planted a love for food in her life
  • Christine’s family was also entrepreneurial which makes her life a perfect storm for being a food blogger!
  • Christine talks about her editorial planning process, including how she plans her recipes months into the future
  • Christine talks about her process for creating a blog post
  • Christine talks about how she works with virtual assistants
  • You will be so intrigued to learn about Christine’s process for actually writing her posts. If you ever thought being a food blogger was too sedentary, Christine will prove you wrong!
  • Christine’s process for

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