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Today we’re sharing episode #3 of our popular Blog Talk series. As Trevor describes, Blog Talk is where Marly and Trevor try to distill the mountains of information on various topics and at least give our opinions, advice, suggestions, to hopefully make this whole blogging process a little bit easier. How fun! Today’s theme? Blog Talk: Instagram Video and Engagement. Of course we talk about more than just Instagram, so you need to listen in to hear the rest of the story. If this blogging thing is your thing,  you’ll want to listen in to these discussions as well: Brand Building Advice for Food Bloggers with Monique Volz and  How to Rock Your Instagram Feed with Instagram Guru Jenn Herman.

Blog Talk - A Chopped Podcast Series

You know what the little girl said to the TV screen. They’re ba-aaack! And so, as it goes, Trevor and I are back for another episode of Blog Talk.

How can one podcast have so many exciting series? First, there’s just the Chopped Podcast in general that features interviews with food bloggers, experts, entrepreneurs and so much more! For example, there’s me talking with Sally of Sally’s Baking Addiction of Building Trust with Your Audience. Or the awesome conversation with Jessica Merchant of How Sweet Eats about Staying Motivated. Or how about the time I talked with Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess on Multi-Topic Platforms?

It’s great stuff!

Then we also have FriChats, a regular series between Cara and Marly, talking about the soulful side of being a creative entrepreneur. You know, because we’re artists. And the spiritual, soulful side is a must!

And now Trevor and I are doing a regular series, Blog Talk, where we share advice to common questions asked by food bloggers. It’s the more technical, business side of blogging.

It’s just another example of how complicated food blogging can be — it requires three ways of addressing it to be successful!

Blog Talk, Episode 3

In Blog Talk, we’ve only got three rules…so far:

Rule #1 of Blog Talk: There are no stupid questions in Blog Talk

Blog Talk Rule #2: There’s no crying in Blog Talk (That’s Trev

Rule #3 of Blog Talk: Disagreement is welcome, nay, encouraged!

If you’ve got topics you’d like for us to discuss, just keep on scrolling and you’ll find contact information for Trevor or me. Drop us a line and let us know what you think of Blog Talk!

Today on — Blog Talk: Instagram Video and Engagement — we're talking about ways to grow an engaged food blogging business.

Here’s a favorite quote that came out of today’s Blog Talk: Instagram Video and Engagement:

Food bloggers are like food doctors...on call during the holidays. Share on X It's an important mindset for bloggers to be thinking, how can I help my audience. If that's you're driving force, you're going to position yourself in a really good place Share on X It's better to focus on creating good content and engaging with your readers than seeking for shortcuts Share on X

Our goal at ChoppedCon is to help you be your best. We hope this Blog Talk: Instagram Video and Engagement episode is helpful to the important work you’re doing every day!

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

Featured Content – Blog Talk: Instagram Video and Engagement

Here are some of the highlights of today’s post on BlogTalk: Instagram Video and Engagement:

  • We defined what Blog Talk is all about – answering questions about the “behind-the-scenes” business side of blogging
  • We talk about the mindset of food blogging
  • Are you “on call” for your audience over the holidays?
  • The first question: How do you backup your photos?
  • Marly talks about her external hard drive crash. Oh my!
  • Trevor talks about a cool trick for saving photos!
  • Question 2: How do you get video on Instagram
  • Trevor explains it’s important to get videos on Instagram
  • We talk about how video on Instagram increases engagement
  • Question 3: Can you talk about the conflict of following vs. not following on Instagram?
  • Marly and Trevor explain some of the strategies people use regarding following and following back on Instagram
  • Trevor talks about Jennifer’s Instagram follow process
  • Marly and Trevor talk about services that help grow your audience on Instagram, and they have differing opinions on the answer!
  • Question number four: If you post a long-form video on YouTube, should you post a shorter version of that video on social media?
  • Trevor provides a great answer on the difference between YouTube and social media videos
  • Marly talks about the leap of faith required to be a blogger
  • We talk about the most effective marketing tactic for online entrepreneurs
  • Trevor and Marly talk about the pros and cons of the pop-ups and which ones will be a problem after January 10, 2017
  • Of course, this led to a discussion about ways to grow your email list
  • Fifth question: My ad network wants video in a certain size. How do I do that?
  • Trevor answers this technical question in as simple a way as possible, and clarifies the difference between megabits and megabytes while he’s at it
  • Sixth question: Should I form an LLC for my blog?
  • Marly talks about why she does not have an LLC and why it bothers her
  • Trevor shares about why they do not have an LLC and why they’re completely fine with that setup.

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