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Today you’re in for a special treat, it’s time for our second Blog Talk Episode. How fun! The series is called Blog Talk and today specifically is this: Blog Talk: Social Media Live. The purpose of Blog Talk is to get into the behind-the-scenes questions of the business of food blogging. Read below for more information on today’s episode. If you’re into the business of blogging, you should check out my post on the Three Revenue Models for Food Bloggers or my interview with Casey of Kitchen-Play on the Business of Blogging.

Blog Talk - A Chopped Podcast Series

So, we’re back with another episode of Blog Talk. This is a new series on The Chopped Podcast, but it received so much positive reviews, we had to come back with episode two! Blog Talk consists of Marly and Trevor (see links below) talking about your questions on food blogging; the behind-the-scenes kind of questions. These are the questions you’d love to ask but just don’t know who or how to ask. Or maybe you’ve been pondering a question for a long time but hesitated to ask it for fear you might sound…stupid!

Rule #1 of Blog Talk: There are no stupid questions in Blog Talk.

Here’s a favorite quote that came out of today’s Blog Talk: Social Media Live:

I really would love to see food blogging become this very esteemed and very valid profession and one way to do that is to lead with integrity. Share on X

Our goal at ChoppedCon is to help you be your best. We hope this Blog Talk: Social Media Live episode is helpful to the important work you’re doing every day!

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

Today on Episode 2 of Blog Talk, a series of the Chopped Podcast, Marly and Trevor are discussing Blog Talk: Social Media Live

Featured Content – Blog Talk: Social Media Live

Here are some of the highlights of today’s post:

  • We defined what Blog Talk is all about – answering questions about the “behind-the-scenes” business side of blogging
  • Marly and Trevor spend time discussing some typical questions asked by food bloggers
  • The first question: What’s up with all the changes to FaceBook Live?
  • We talk about the importance of FB Live and the recent announcement that Instagram is hosting live content as well
  • Marly and Trevor discuss the differences between FB Live and YouTube
  • Question number two: I keep hearing that Google is going to penalize sites that have popups in January. Is this true?
  • Trevor and Marly talk about the pros and cons of the pop-ups and which ones will be a problem after January 10, 2017
  • Of course, this led to a discussion about ways to grow your email list
  • Third question:When your’e shooting video, how do you get those close-up pour shots? Do you use two cameras to do that? Or do you make the recipe twice?
  • Marly and Trevor discuss three or four filming set-ups to get two different video shots in your food videos
  • Our final question for today’s episode: FTC Disclosures – how can we disclose appropriately into the future?
  • We discuss some creative ways to provide disclosure

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