Tessa Arias will be speaking at the 2015 ChoppedCon's Food Blog Success SummitEp #1: Be the CEO of Your Food Blog with Tessa Arias

Do you have a food blog you’d like to take to the next level? Maybe you started your blog as a hobby and now you’re seriously considering going pro! If so, you won’t want to miss today’s podcast interview with Tessa Arias sharing tips on how to Be the …


Chopped Conference 2015 Save The DateChopped Conference 2015 Save the Date

We’re excited to announce that our Chopped Conference 2015 Save the Date campaign has begun. Mark your calendars today for October 16, 2015! We’ll be back in touch soon with more details, but for now, save the date to join us and check out the happenin …


Bjork Ostrom warms up the crowd with a fun exercise at ChoppedCon2014 Chopped Conference Summary

Chopped Conference began with a dream: to bring together different communities of people with a passion for food around the core ideas of love, family, and community, and finding ways to share that with a larger audience. And guess what? We did it! We …