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Today is the FriChats. It’s mini episodes of the Chopped Podcast, where Marly and Cara Ansis do some Friday Chats,  jamming on topics of interest to people like you, food bloggers, creative entrepreneurs, and more! This week’s topic: Blogging is Not a Popularity Contest. If you’re loving our FriChats, you should check out Branding vs. Authenticity or What is Success.

Chopped Podcast FriChats: Blogging is Not a Popularity Contest!

This week Cara and I are giving tips on how Blogging is Not a Popularity Contest!

Do you ever feel like blogging is a popularity contest? If you’re an introvert like Cara or an extrovert with introverted tendencies, like Marly, you will love today’s discussion.

As if blogging isn’t hard enough, there’s also this constant pressure to network and then we start seeing bloggers doing things differently than we’re doing and we begin to wonder: are we doing it all wrong? Once you’re in that part of your head, forget about it!

Cara and Marly talk about the real keys to success with food blogger and it’s not about wearing pink on Wednesdays. (Just so you know, that’s a Mean Girls reference). And speaking of Mean Girls, Cara and Marly agreed that sometimes we can be the meanest of mean girls to ourselves. So, that means quieting that internal negativity is a priority too.

Check back with us each Friday to get your FriChat on!

In case you’re curious, here’s how we feel about Fridays.

Today on FriChats we are talking about Blogging is Not a Popularity Contest. Oh, and happy Friday!


Here are some of our favorite quotes from today’s Blogging is not a Popularity Contest episode!

When it becomes a popularity contest, you're constantly comparing yourself to others and putting yourself down. #frichats Click To Tweet That validation needs to come from us. #frichats #choppedpodcast Click To Tweet It's easy to get stuck in a popularity contest. #frichats #choppedpodcast Click To Tweet Somebody else, who you're comparing yourself to, is doing their own thing. #frichats #choppedpodcast Click To Tweet Do an inventory of your own internal world. #frichats Click To Tweet We're all just human beings that want to be loved and accepted. #frichats Click To Tweet Love and acceptance comes from you first. #frichats Click To Tweet The attitude of inclusivity starts at the top. #frichats #choppedcon Click To Tweet Ep #87: FriChats Blogging is Not A Popularity Contest Click To Tweet I'm the meanest mean girl in my head. #frichats #choppedcon Click To Tweet

Our goal at ChoppedCon is to help you be your best. We hope this discussion on Dealing with the Summer Lull in Traffic is helpful to the important work you’re doing every day!

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

Featured Content – FriChats: Blogging is Not a Popularity Contest

Here are some of the highlights of today’s post:

  • Cara introduces today’s topic about how Blogging is Not a Popularity Contest
  • We talk about how the concept of popularity begins in junior high/middle school
  • The problems with thinking about blogging as a popularity contest, you will do anything, including stepping over others, to get ahead
  • We talk about how it feels to not get invited to certain blogging events
  • We talk about getting nominated for food blog awards and how these things
  • Cara talks about marble as a background for food photography
  • We talk about how it feels to be introverted at food blogging conferences
  • Cara talks about how it’s important to know yourself and how that can help you say ‘no’ certain social engagements if it disrupts what’s important to you
  • Cara reveals another side to her when she shares about the award she received in high school
  • We talk about the importance of changing your story
  • Marly talks about the importance of our words and to stop the negative self talk

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