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If you’ve heard all the buzz about keywords and wondered what impact it could have for you, today’s episode will make your day! Let’s welcome back Brandi Crawford talking today about Keywords for Food Bloggers. You’ll love this informative and inspirational discussion!

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About Brandi

Brandi is a returning guest on the Chopped Podcast so you can learn more about her inspirational food blog story by going back to Episode !71 and Episode 159 (see links below).

Brandi is the creator of the site Stay Snatched. Of course, she’s also the recipe developer and food photographer along with affiliate guru and Google Analytics expert! Her blog focuses on quick and easy, healthy recipes that do not compromise on taste.

Keywords for Food Bloggers

Marly and Brandi discuss the importance of keywords for food bloggers. These important aspects are critical for food bloggers looking to grow their traffic:

  • Doing effective Keyword Research
  • Understanding On-Page Keywords
  • Properly using Long-Tail Keywords
  • Having a Strong Keyword Strategy.

Brandi described how she uses a Mind Mapping exercise to help her understand what related keywords can help support the current post she’s targeting. Both Marly and Brandi talk about how using and tracking keywords has helped them land on the front page of Google search for competitive keywords in their respective niches.

Smart Keywords Webinar

Brandi and Marly are launching a webinar to show other food bloggers how they go about using keywords to be more competitive with keywords. For food bloggers, keywords can be quite complex so they’re providing a spreadsheet to help track keywords as well. The spreadsheet alone is SO valuable!

A lot of people talk about why Keywords are important, but very few go into the HOW of using them like Brandi and Marly will in this webinar. Register today for the Smart Keywords for Food Bloggers webinar taking place on October 24 at 1 pm central.

Show Notes

Here are the important links from today’s episode on Smart Keywords for Food Bloggers with Brandi Crawford:

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