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We’re told over and over again the importance of building a niche blog. Depending on how you pronounce it, niche to get rich. That’s what they say. But what if you’re inspired by more than one topic? Today’s guest, Emma Chapman, is talking about Building a Multi-Topic Blog. Also, we have resources on finding your passion in blogging, including Bev Weidner talking about Finding Your Authentic Voice and Jessica Merchant sharing about Maintaining Your Blogging Passion.

Emma Chapman of the site A Beautiful Mess is on the Chopped Podcast today talking about Building a Multi-Topic Blog. She's also a speaker at the 2016 Chopped Conference. Come see for yourself!

Today’s guest, Emma Chapman of the site A Beautiful Mess (see link below) is also a speaker at Chopped Conference this year. She’s going to be speaking about Monetizing Your Blog. I’m so excited for everyone who is going to be there to hear her in person. I thought today we could talk about something she won’t have time to go over in her presentation, the background on her wildly popular blog which she co-owns and operates with her sister, Elsie. A Beautiful Mess covers everything from design, crafts, and food, and they do it with panache! That’s why I thought Emma would be the perfect person to talk to about building a multi-topic blog.

Most blogging gurus would tell someone starting out today to stick to a narrow focus. To really own that topic. Then you become known for that topic and you make your millions and move on.

But what if you’re a renaissance person, with multiple interests and talents. Should you hide your multi-colored lights under a bush?

There’s no doubt that being singularly focused can be a good thing. If you’re an expert in creating single serving desserts, then eventually everyone will know you’re the go-to resource for that. But what happens when you get tired of desserts? Or if someone else discovers the potential there and decides to move in on your territory. It may mean you want to differentiate. Or you may just want to move in different directions based on new and flourishing passions.

Emma shares how they handled building a multi-topic blog and how they continue to maintain that in a way that works for their audience. If you’re multi-passionate, or simply in love with A Beautiful Mess and want to listen in to Emma’s beautiful voice of authenticity, you’ll love today’s discussion!

Our goal at ChoppedCon is to help you be your best. We hope this discussion on building a multi-topic blog is helpful to the important work you’re doing every day!

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

Here’s a few quotes from Emma about building a multi-topic blog:

For us it's an organic, constantly changing, messy process. — Emma Chapman #choppedcon Share on X Just really really love what you do. Because that’s gonna get you through all the hard times. — Emma Chapman #choppedcon Share on X Once you know the rules, breaking them in an interesting way is so fun. — Emma Chapman #choppedcon Share on X

Featured Content – Building a Multi-Topic Blog

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Emma, where we discuss:

  • How Emma’s sister, Elsie, started the site and why Emma joined her
  • Emma talks about her passion for food and her own food blog site
  • Emma shares about the organic growth of A Beautiful Mess and how the topics expanded based on their interests
  • Emma describes blogging as a communication between them and their readers and how they take in information to determine what their readers want more of
  • We talk about how often they publish posts at ABM
  • Emma explains the editorial planning process at ABM
  • She shares the metrics they’re looking for when determining whether a topic is resonating with their audience
  • We talk about ideas on how to handle creative funks
  • Emma talks about the social media focus at ABM
  • Emma describes how the ABM works remotely and the tools they use to make that happen more efficiently
  • We talk about receiving constructive feedback

Show Notes

This episode on building a multi-topic blog includes references to some resources you might find interesting. Here they are:

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