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A photo of a woman in a park.Food Blogging and Mental Health

Jennifer Farley is talking about an issue that may be taboo for some — mental health. But food blogging can be a challenging career so discussing how to approach it with mental health issues is important.


Planned Productivity for Limited Time with Megan Porta

If your day is broken into chunks of defined time, finding ways to get things done can be a struggle. Today’s guest, Megan Porta, talks about planned productivity for limited time spans such as that. Without planning, your precious time can easily be s …


A photo of JinJoo Lee standing in a kitchen.The Art of Taking Yourself Seriously with JinJoo Lee

If you’ve ever succumbed to distractions rather than getting your work done, the Art of Taking Yourself Seriously is for you! Today’s guest, JinJoo Lee, talks about how when she decided to take her blog seriously as a business, her business started to really grow!