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Have you ever thought about partnering with another creative entrepreneur on a project? Maybe you’ve discussed writing a cookbook with others…or an e-course. It can seem like a great idea, but beware! Taking a friendship and turning it into a business partnership can turn into a terrible partnership and cause the loss of a friend. There are ways to go about it, however, that can help salvage both. Today’s guest, Kathleen Shannon, is hear talking about how to Create a Food Blog Business Partnership like a Boss!

Forging a business partnership with someone else can be tricky business. Kathleen shares what’s worked for her as she’s partnered with both her sister with Braid Creative (see link below) and her business colleague and friend to create the Being Boss Podcast (link below). She even talks about a partnership that didn’t go quite like she hoped. As a result she’s sharing some great insights on successful partnerships.

Our goal at ChoppedCon is to help you be your best. We hope these tips on how to create a food blog business partnership like a boss is helpful to the important work you’re doing every day!

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

Through blogging I attracted by tribe of like-minded creatives. #choppedcon Click To Tweet It's about personal branding — blending what you do with who you are. #choppedcon Click To Tweet My life's mission is being who I am 100% of the time and living my life sharing it in a way that helps be who they are 100% of the time. #choppedcon Click To Tweet Whenever you're partnering with someone it's as if you're marrying them. #choppedcon Click To Tweet Your partner is never going to be the silver bullet in your business. #choppedcon Click To Tweet With a partner, make sure not only your goals are aligned, but your values are aligned as well. #choppedcon Click To Tweet It's about reframing this jealousy picture perfect Pinterest and Instagram life into, 'Wow! That is beautiful. How can I get more of THAT in my world.' #choppedcon Click To Tweet Authenticity is having the courage to be enthusiastic about the things you love. #choppedcon Click To Tweet Whenever it comes to my style, I'm always trying to get my outsides to feel like what I feel like on the outside. #choppedcon Click To Tweet

I love this quote from Kathleen: “I think that authenticity is when you feel most like yourself. I don’t know that a homeless person feels most like themselves in that state. I think David Bowie 100% felt most like himself as Iggy Stardust.

Kathleen suggests asking yourself these questions in order to be more authentic:

  • Why is that so bad? (When you’re thinking about something in a negative light)
  • What would make me feel more like me?
  • How could I say what I really mean right now?
  • What is it that I really need right now?

And then…find ways to be OK with it all.

Featured Content – Create a Food Blog Business Partnership like a Boss

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Kathleen, where we discuss:

  • Learn about why Kathleen started her popular podcast, Being Boss
  • Kathleen talks about how she used her blog to build her platform
  • Kathleen talks about how she started her own freelance business and her sister joined her
  • Kathleen shares about her business Braid Creative, personal branding
  • We talk about the partnership that Kathleen developed with her podcast partner Emily Thompson
  • Kathleen creates the criteria for a good partnership
  • Kathleen talks about what she believes are the most important steps for sustaining a creative partnership
  • Kathleen shares about some of the clauses they included in their legal partnership agreement
  • Kathleen talks about the dangers of making negative assumptions of others
  • We talk about authenticity, a favorite topic for us both!
  • Kathleen says for her authenticity is doing what makes her feel most like herself
  • We talk about reframing the picture perfect world of Pinterest and Instagram so we’re not feeling jealous or lacking, but resonating with what we love

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