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You have big goals for your food blog. Right? So, the question then becomes, how do you make those goals a reality? Well, today I’m sharing my talk with Meggan Hill of the site Culinary Hill (see link below) about going from good to great for food bloggers and how to create a plan for inspired growth. One fast and easy tip? She reached out to experts to help create a strategy to make that happen. If you think food blogging is the best thing ever, take a moment to listen to my conversation with Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess talk about Growing a Multi-Topic Blog. And you’ll love my chat with Cara Ansis about Defining Success for Food Bloggers.

Meggan Hill is the guest on Episode 131 of the Chopped Podcast, "Taking Your Food Blog From Good to Great"

You are working hard to build your site. The moment you switch from hobby blogger to the idea that this could be a business means you have committed to doing the work. Meggan Hill of the site Culinary Hill talks about three things she did that took food blog from good to great.

Make no doubt, Culinary Hill was already a great blog. She worked hard to get her site to 400,000 page views per month. However, for Meggan, she wanted more. So she created a plan to take it to the next level. Her strategy involved these three steps:

  1. She hired a branding firm to help her better understand and market to her audience
  2. She hired Casey Markee to do an SEO Site Audit for her page. She followed Casey’s advice and ten months later she found
  3. Meggan hired a coach who eventually invited her to a mastermind group where she is encouraged and motivated by like-minded entrepreneurs.

Meggan shares this plan as a source of inspiration and talks about how she reads a 3-page essay every morning. She wrote this essay to remind her of her big WHY. Talk about inspiration!

One of our goals at the Chopped Podcast is to help you feel inspired by the work you’re doing. Food blogging can be hard and isolating and we aim to make all that better. And fun! We hope today’s show about Good to Great for Food Bloggers is part of the great work you’re doing every day!

Featured Content –  Good to Great for Food Bloggers

There are some high notes of my chat with Meggan on Good to Great for Food Bloggers. Here are some of the best parts:

  • How Meggan started her blog
  • Why Meggan was suffering from Anxiety Driven Content Creation (ADCC)
  • Meggan worked with the company Cookit to help define her brand (see link below)
  • Another part of Meggan’s plan to increase visibility for her blog was working with Casey Markee for an SEO Audit of her site
  • Meggan hired Casey in February of 2016 and her site went from 400,000 page views per month to 1.2 million page views per month in a 10-month period
  • She describes the process she used to implement the SEO tactics
  • Both Marly and Meggan talked about their spreadsheets to track progress
  • After working with Casey, most of her traffic is Google which is what she wants
  • What should you blog? Meggan shares her process
  • Keywords should be a part of your blog planning process
  • Meggan is in culinary school right now and talks about how this feeds her soul
  • We talk about video and how she is using that for her site
  • Facebook is a hot topic for food bloggers right now and we discuss that
  • Meggan shares her recipes on her Instagram posts and she talks about the reasoning behind that
  • We talk about getting derailed from your own purpose
  • How do you feel when you get to 1.2 million page views per month? Do you imagine it would feel like you have arrived? Meggan explains how you’re always striving for more. The important thing is to find happiness in the process.

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