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A food blog is not your typical business, but you have to find ways to treat it like one. That’s why I reached out to Darren Judd to talk about Accounting Principles for Food Bloggers. If you like to learn more about the business side of food blogging, listen to my conversation with Casey Benedict of the Business Side of Food Blogging. You might also enjoy my discussion about Negotiation Strategies for Food Bloggers.

Picture of Darren Judd who is the guest on the Chopped Podcast Episode 135

Being a hobby blogger is all about the fun. Right? You’re just creating recipes for your friends and family and then one day, someone from Australia lands on your site. And then more people from all over the world are checking your site out.

And you begin to realize that you could turn your lovely hobby into a business. Forget that mind-numbing 9 to 5 job and the rush hour commute that comes along with it!

However, at some point turning a passion into a profession gets tricky. You have to find ways to apply business-side thinking to art. And that can cause a few stumbles along the way.

The good news for you? I talked with Darren Judd, a CPA with experience working with food bloggers. Darren offers a lot of sound business advice that could be used by any business, but also perfect for food bloggers.

For example, you should open a separate account and use it exclusively for your food blog. That helps keep your books distinct from your personal endeavors. Also, Darren recommends using a good accounting software to keep track of your financial goals, to handle invoicing, and also to stay on top of receipts.

Darren talks about the different business entities that you could set up for your food blog, like an LLC or S-Corp. In the end, you need to meet with your own accountant and legal advisors to make these decisions, but getting some feedback is always a good idea.

We have goals here at the Chopped Podcast, and one of them is to help you be your very best at the work you’re doing. We hope today’s show about Accounting Principles for Food Bloggers is part of the process you use to feel inspired and at the top of your game every day!

Featured Content – Accounting Principles for Food Bloggers

There are some high notes of my chat with Darren on Accounting Principles for Food Bloggers. Here are some of the best parts:

  • How Darren started his own accounting firm
  • Darren’s experience as an accountant
  • We discuss how Darren has worked with several food bloggers so he understand the business
  • There are several ways to set up your food blog business, from sole proprietor, to LLC, to S-Corp.
  • Darren talks about the pros and cons of the various ways that a food blog could be set up
  • We talk about why it’s important for bloggers to understand the business side of their blog
  • Even if you hate bookkeeping and don’t want to be involved in the accounting side of your business, you need to have good business practices so you don’t get taken advantage of
  • We talk about the importance of receipts and how to track them
  • We discuss return on investment decision-making

Show Notes

This episode on Accounting Principles for Food Bloggers mentions resources you’ll want to check out:

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