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Oh yeah, it’s Friday. That means it’s time for another FriChats episode. Today Cara and Marly are talking about Dancing to Your Own Drummer. Because sometimes you can’t dance to the other drums  for one more beat! Obviously, Cara and Marly love the spiritual side of blogging. For example, listen to us talk about the Meaning of Success. Or you might enjoy our recent discussion on Growing Confidence.

The Chopped Podcast "Frichats" with Marly and Cara

So it’s Friday and that means Marly and Cara are sharing another FriChats episode. Today the topic is Dancing to Your Own Drummer. Is it some big secret? Maybe. But it seems like there’s so much pressure to figure out how everyone else is being successful. But what about you defining your own success? Hmm?

Marly has decided she wants to walk around singing Sting’s  Free Free, Set Them Free.

Want to join her?

Want to be free?

What does that mean for you? You want to do your blog your way, rather than trying to follow someone else’s formula?

That’s why we’re here to chat with you about dancing to your own drummer.

It’s very freeing…in so many ways!

Every day you have to be honest with yourself and ask yourself questions about what you want!
— Cara Ansis

Cara talks about how last year we might have had a goal to get a million page views. It seemed like that was the only thing worth working for.

All the cool people have a million page views. Right?


Actually, all the cool people are the ones discovering their own paths, regardless of the page views.

In fact, the rat race of chasing page views, the mindset of that, imprisons us. Now it’s time to figure out…what do we really want?

Yes, that’s freedom. That’s dancing to your own drummer!!

Marly talks about the mantra she repeats to herself that is making a huge difference in her life. She’s been repeating it regularly upon rising, at special moments during the day, before going to bed at night, for months. And it is making a difference.

Cara talks about how stopping the comparison game has made a difference for her. Her goal? To stop thinking that we have to be the BEST.

She describes how being the “best” creates a false sense of security. We fall into the trap of believing if we’re the best then we are secure. And that there is no security without being the best. But as Cara loves to ask…but then what? How much do you have to work at being the best?

Cara has some advice: This “best” mentality? It’s a lie. And that lie keeps us enslaved to a certain way of thinking.

Cara says to ask yourself, what’s the best I can be today?

She also asks this: Are you loving what you’re doing? Are you loving your work?

If not, you need to be making some changes!

You’ve got to recharge your phone? You’ve got to recharge your life sometimes too.
— Marly McMillen

It’s summertime which means traffic can go into a tailspin. Marly and Cara suggest using this time to think outside of the box for your blog. Try some different things. Or, as Cara encourages, take a break! You’ve got to find ways to recharge!

I’m always amazed and inspired by people who go against the grain. That requires a lot of guts.
— Cara Ansis

Be sure come back next Friday when we’ll be talking about Strength of Positivity and other exciting things….and so you can get your FriChat on!

Marly and Cara are back for FriChats talking about how Dancing to Your Own Drummer can help you stop comparing and help you be the best blogger you can be!

Our goal at Chopped Academy is to provide you inspiration for the important work you’re doing every day! We hope today’s episode on Dancing to Your Own Drummer, inspires you to be the best you can be.

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

Featured Content – FriChats: Dancing to Your Own Drummer

Here are some of the highlights of today’s post on dancing to your own drummer:

  • Cara talks about the Marly and Cara Mutual Admiration Club
  • Do you have a fan in your corner? We all need one!
  • Cara talks about RuPaul’s mom
  • Marly talks about her daily mantra that has been changing her world
  • Cara mentions the book You Are a Badass at Making Money (see link below)
  • We talk about why the focus on “being the best” is a limiting belief
  • Cara talks about the comparison game
  • Marly talks more about the novel she’s writing
  • Marly’s current life theme song is shown above

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