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Hello, food bloggers. Today is something special, because it’s Friday! That means another episode of FriChats! Today Marly and Cara discuss Transitioning to Greater Creativity. If creativity is a topic you love chatting about, be sure to check out Creativity for Food Bloggers.

The Chopped Podcast "Frichats" with Marly and Cara

Cara and Marly love to talk about the spiritual and soulful side of food blogging. Today is no exception. We’re talking about Transitioning to Greater Creativity, based off an example of a butterfly.

Well, Marly talks about a butterfly and its transitioning journey, but Cara quickly turns it into an edgy analogy of Game of Thrones.

That’s just how we roll here on FriChats!

Marly mentioned an article on O Magazine (see link below) about Bug Soup. The author, Martha Beck, talks about how scientists studied the changes the caterpillar makes in transitioning to a butterfly. Particularly, these scientists looked inside the chrysalis and they expected to see a caterpillar that was beginning to look like a butterfly. What they found instead was, what the author referred to as, Bug Soup.

We’re food bloggers. We get soup. But bug soup is a bit of a stretch, even for food bloggers.

It’s setbacks that bring out future outcomes of what you want. Instead of getting discouraged about the way your life is turning out, there’s a strong possibility that it’s the way it’s supposed to be. — Cara Ansis

Sometimes we expect a linear pattern of success. We expect to take brave steps and be rewarded one step after another. Oh, if only!

The reality is something a little more jagged. The story is told that a jet is constantly flying off-course and constantly reconnecting back tot he flight path. That’s the same with success. We’re constantly moving forward, getting off-track, moving back to the path, and so on. And this pattern can continue on and on. The problem can be if we only focus on the backward steps. Because then we begin to feel like we’re losing ground. And that can lead to negativity and negativity can lead to giving up.

In the moment of transformation, it’s kind of a mess, it’s not beautiful. How to do you stay encouraged? — Cara Ansis

Marly talks about a personal struggle, where everything felt like it was coming down around her. She felt like a failure in her job which led to feelings of failure in every area of her life. That’s when Cara said something profound: everything is fodder for the soul.

In other words, even when things around you seem impossible, you have reason for hope. Because difficult times can be the fertilizer in your life that makes a big difference.

Everything is Fodder for the Soul. Everything is fodder for the soul. That means you can find opportunities daily for transitioning to greater creativity. Just like the caterpillar builds a chrysalis to transform into a butterfly, you can sacred space for creative growth too.

We’ll be back with more FriChats topics soon so stay posted.

You know what our goal is here at Chopped Academy? We want to provide you the tools you need to be more successful with the work you’re doing every single day! We hope today’s episode on Transitioning to Greater Creativity helps inspire you to keep on keeping on.

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

Featured Content – FriChats: Transitioning to Greater Creativity

Here are some of the highlights of today’s post on transitioning to greater creativity:

  • Find inspiration where you can — whether it’s from a magazine article or a popular HBO series (aka, Game of Thrones)
  • Success is not a straight line
  • Any time you think others are experiencing success as a straight line, you are creating fiction
  • Caterpillars create a cocoon around themselves to protect their transformation process (when you’re going through transformation, find ways to create safety)
  • Sometimes when everything feels like a failure, that’s when we can experience our greatest opportunities for growth
  • When everything feels like “you-kn0w-what” around, that’s when you should sit back and wait because “you-know-what” can be manure and manure is also fertilizer and flowers grow from fertilizer
  • As we’ve said before, it all boils down to this: believe in yourself

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