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Learn about Launching a YouTube Food Channel and a new career with guest, Beth Le Menach. Beth shares about her experience creating video production and YouTube channels for her job and how she transferred that knowledge to create her own thriving food-focused YouTube Channel. Now she’s turned that into a new career!

Beth Le Manach of the site Entertaining with Beth is on the Chopped Podcast and this is a photo of her.


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Launching a YouTube Channel

I loved the opportunity to talk with Beth Le Menach about launching a YouTube Channel. She had some fortunate circumstances that helped her get her channel started. She was working for a video production company and creating a food and entertaining focused channel worked well as part of the company vision.

And then one day they decided they wanted to move in a different direction, so they gave the channel to Beth, asking only for a share of ownership. So she spent the next several years growing her youtube channel into a thriving business.

I happened to speak to her on the very first day she quit her full-time job and was working from home for the first time. How exciting is that! And she was excited too, particularly because she was going to be able to have more time to devote to her work (without getting up at 4 am) and she was going to get to pick up her kids from school.

Keys to Success

Beth credits her commitment to consistency as helping her succeed in the competitive YouTube environment. Sometimes that commitment required some very long hours, as she balanced a full-time job, family time, and her YouTube channel.

She created a metric of earning a certain percentage of her full-time income before she could quit her full-time job. Once she achieved that, she knew she had the commitment and ability to succeed as a full-time food blogger.

She credits creating a diversified income portfolio to give her the confidence to quit her full-time job. The reasoning behind that is any one particular area of revenue can fluctuate through no control of  her own. However, having a diversified revenue profile could allow one area to fluctuate while another area stayed constant.

Beth describes the following as revenue opportunities for her YouTube channel and site:

  • Advertising Network
  • Sponsored Work
  • Subscription Box

She created the Subscription Box for her site and was able to monetize that through describing contents of various boxes via video.

I was thrilled to chat with Beth on her first day as a full-time food blogger!

Listen to our discussion as Beth talks about the commitment she went through to follow her dream. She also describes her diversified revenue portfolio so she would feel comfortable quitting her full-time job. We also talk about the tricks to success for creating video.

But mostly, we talk about following a dream and believing in yourself. It’s necessary to have your dream front and center as you build your business!



Show Notes

This episode on Launching a YouTube Channel for Food Bloggers, includes information you’ll want to check out:

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