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Have you heard these stories of people who start their food blog and experience rapid growth immediately? Does it seem like a made-up story? One that certainly couldn’t be true? Well, Sabrina Snyder with the site Dinner Then Dessert is here to tell her remarkable story. It’s why we’re taking about Fast Growing Food Blog success today! If you’re interested in growing your food blog, you’ll also want to check out The Top 3 Revenue Models for Food Bloggers and How to Increase Traffic for Your Food Blog with Gerry Spiers of Foodness Gracious.

Sabrina Snyder is our guest on the Chopped Podcast Episode 82 and we're talking about Fast Growing Food Blog

Today’s guest, Sabrina Snyder, of the site Dinner Then Dessert (see link below), is talking about how The Fast Growth Focused Food Blog because she posted about her first year anniversary for the blog and how she’s already experiencing 500K page views each month! Impressive.

This can sound like an overnight success story, but if you listen closely, you’ll hear Sabrina talk about how she’s been working on recipes for years. She also put some time into learning about food photography and how to perfect her post-writing skills to optimize SEO. If you’d like to optimize your SEO too, be sure to see the link below for my interview with Hauke Fox who talks about food blog SEO strategies.

Sabrina also talks about the ways she’s been able to monetize her fast growing food blog and how she’s working on improving her social media presence next.

Sabrina has used a very content-focused strategy for growth. If this is something that appeals to you, this might be a winning strategy for you as well.

Our goal at Chopped is to help you be the best creative entrepreneur you can. We hope today’s episode on Fast Growing Food Blog has been helpful to the important work you’re doing every day! Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

Here are some of our favorite quotes from today’s episode:

It's totally fine to start where you start Share on X Be proud of it, because you were so proud of it when you took it that first day. #choppedcon Share on X When I'm on Pinterest and I randomly come across one of my recipes, I get so excited. #choppedcon Share on X If you look at the demographics of your blog and the demographics of your reader, you can pick the social media they're going to be on. #choppedcon Share on X When I don't like messing with a part of the blog, I find someone to do it for me. #choppedcon Share on X

Featured Content – The Fast Growing Food Blog

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Sabrina, where we discuss:

  • How Sabrina started her food blog
  • How Sabrina was a trained chef and had been a private chef for years
  • Sabrina talks about how she previously used her site for private chef work before transforming it to a food blog
  • Sabrina talks about how she had no food photography experience prior to starting
  • Sabrina shares about her food photography progression
  • We talk about the importance of leaving perfection at the door
  • Sabrina talks about how she loves sharing her recipes online
  • Sabrina talks about how she’s built a team to help her, especially in the areas she doesn’t like
  • Sabrina talks about her post development process
  • We talk about the progression of her traffic over the months
  • Sabrina talks about the sources of her traffic
  • Sabrina shares about the revenue she’s generated from the traffic
  • Sabrina talks about how she loves lists and includes those in her blog posts

Show Notes

Today’s episode on the Fast Growing Food Blog includes references to some resources you might find interesting. Here they are:

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