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Today Cara and I are back with FriChats, and we are talking about =. It’s an important topic within the creative entrepreneur arena. FriChats are mini episodes of the Chopped Podcast, where Marly and Cara Ansis do “Friday Chats.” Today we’re talking about Money vs. Happiness. If you’re loving our FriChats, you should check out our previous episode on Why You Should Quit Blogging and Self Care for Creative Entrepreneurs.

Today on FriChats Marly is talking about Tennis and Blogging and how we can learn about being in the present moment, being nonjudgmental, and staying relaxed in order to play...and blog our best!

This week Cara and Marly are giving tips on the Money vs. Happiness.

Marly and Cara talk about how we often read income reports of other bloggers and compare our financial situation to theirs. If they’re making $30K a month, how come we’re not? Are we failures?

What if we change the metric? That’s what Cara says. I mean, sure, making money is part of what we’re doing here, but there is a point at which more money doesn’t mean more happiness. So why not go for both?

We discuss a couple of articles — one that points out the salary sweet spot. If you make $75,000 a year, you’re happy, but over that amount, you’re just accumulating stuff. Marly discusses an article that says most lottery winners are miserable within a year (see links below). Here’s an excerpt from this article:

“About 70 percent of people who suddenly receive a windfall of cash will lose it within a few years, according to the National Endowment for Financial Education.” — Melissa Chan of Time Magazine

Cara and Marly talk more about finding your own personal sweet spot between making money and being happy. Cara suggests the two go hand-in-hand.

How can we allow our Intuition and Planning to play side-by-side? Cara and Marly suggest using your Intuition to dream the big picture and then using your ego or essential self, to create the plan.

Check back with us each Friday to get your FriChat on!

In case you’re curious, here’s how we feel about Fridays.

It's Friday and Cara and Marly are discussing "Money vs. Happiness" on today's episode of FriChats.


Here are some of our favorite quotes from today’s the Money vs. Happiness episode!

When we talk about making money in our business, we also have to talk about internal happiness. #frichats Share on X


Our goal at ChoppedCon is to help you be your best. We hope this discussion on Money vs. Happiness is helpful to the important work you’re doing every day!

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

Featured Content – FriChats: Money vs. Happiness

Here are some of the highlights of today’s post:

  • We introduce today’s topic about Money vs. Happiness
  • Cara talks about Income Reports. Should you be reading them?
  • We discuss the idea of happiness as a creative entrepreneur
  • Marly discusses the difference between I WANT and I AM statements
  • Cara talks about the importance of confidence
  • Why you need to believe in yourself

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