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Today I’m talking about one attribute that we all should embody as we build and grow our audience. Becoming the Grateful Food Blogger can make the difference between actually enjoying the work you do—whether it be a side hustle or your full-time gig—or silently begrudging it to the point that some day you actually quit. This is YOUR path you’re creating…why not love it! 

Learn how to become the Grateful Food Blogger on Episode 60 of the Chopped Podcast

Today I’m talking about ways you can incorporate gratitude into your every day life as a blogger. Because as creative entrepreneurs it’s too easy to get absorbed in comparison. She has more Instagram followers; that site has better photographer; she gets more sponsored posts than I do. This can lead to a whole hosts of negativity and anxiety…things that lead us AWAY from our True Selves.

Marly is talking about how finding gratitude for your blog can help to move us away from that Inner Critic/ego voice and more towards our True Selves.

As food bloggers, we're creating our own adventure - designing, building and captaining our own ships! Share on X One of the things we find very intriguing as entrepreneurs can also be the biggest challenge. — @namelymarly #choppedcon Share on X We have to go beyond the ego to find our true selves. @NamelyMarly #choppedcon Share on X Look at your life from the perspective of your 18-year old self and feel the inspiration that gives you. Share on X

Our goal at ChoppedCon is to help you be your best. We hope these tips on finding gratitude for your blog is helpful to the important work you’re doing every day!

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

Featured Content – Finding Gratitude for Your Blog

Here are some of the highlights of today’s post:

  • Find ways to be grateful in each day
  • A discussion about how the ego can be helpful and hurtful as a creative entrepreneur
  • A simple tip for how you can quiet the negative side of your ego while harnessing the side that keeps you going!
  • Why blogging can be dangerous if our egos are not intact
  • How looking at your present-day life from the perspective of your 18-year old can be an awesome tool to cultivate gratitude and inspiration to your day
  • Why you need to stop “wanting more traffic” and to instead embrace the followers you have and serve them better

Show Notes

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