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If you haven’t already noticed, Instagram is a favorite social media platform for so many food bloggers. But if you don’t already have a bazillion followers, how can you grow your reach? Today’s guest, Jenn Herman, is a social media expert and she’s here today talking about How to Grow Your Instagram Audience.

How to Grow Your Instagram Audience with Jenn Hermon on the Chopped Podcast

Today’s guest, Jenn Hermann, is a social media and Instagram expert and she’s got some wonderful words of wisdom for us all on how to grow your Instagram audience. Understanding each social media platform and how you can use it, can help grow your confidence. To me, convince is an important part of the secret sauce of developing an authentic voice. And according Jenn, being authentic on Instagram will help grow your engagement. Once you’ve tapped into an engaged audience at Instagram, you’ll understand it’s true potential to help you grow your audience.

Our goal at ChoppedCon is to help you be your best. We hope these tips how to grow your Instagram Audience with Jenn Herman is helpful to the important work you’re doing every day!

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

To really need that high quality content. Share on X More quality, less quantity. — @jenns_trends Share on X Make your Instagram bio fun. @jenns_trends Share on X The traffic you get from Instagram is the best traffic you can get on any social media platform . Share on X I would rather have 10 engaged people like my post...than 300 who only like it because it's a pretty picture. Share on X The more you interact with people and show that love on IG, the more people will share that love back . Share on X

Featured Content – How to Grow Your Instagram Audience

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Jenn, where we discuss:

  • Learn about Jenn’s business and why she started it
  • Jenn talks about how to use different social media platforms and their own unique purpose
  • Jenn talks about the importance of being consistent with how you post on IG
  • We talk about Instagram limits
  • We talk about the magic number of hashtags to use on your posts
  • We also talk about where to put the hashtag, whether in the comment or in the caption
  • We talk about how to make your bio stand out
  • Do you wonder why Instagram is so important? Jenn talks about why your traffic from Instagram is the best traffic from any social media platform
  • We talk about emojis…whether to use them or not!
  • We talk about how to grow your Instagram following and how to be more engaged on Instagram
  • Jenn talks about the importance of responding to comments on your posts
  • How to evaluate your likes – to understand the difference between engaged and empty likes
  • Jen also talks about how you should be careful about who you follow
  • We talk about regramming and how and why to do that
  • She talks about two IG filters you should be using as a food blogger!

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