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Learn how to adopt a Food Blogger Work Ethic with today’s guest, Jessica Hoffman of the site Choosing Chia. Have you ever dreamed of being a really successful food blogger? Jessica talks about finding joy and balance in the work of achieving your goals. You can’t always have control over the outcomes, but you can use these mindset shifts and visioning techniques to fall in love with the process which can, in turn, have an impact on how you approach the work.

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About Jessica Hoffman

Jessica began her online presence with an Instagram account. She felt it was something fun to do. Later that year she was laid off from her job because the company went out of business. As a result, and somewhat coincidentally, Jessica decided to take a trip to India. It was during that time that she decided to come back and create a blog and pursue it full-time.

She had been getting traction on her Instagram account for the food photos, but she was not posting the recipes, so a food blog seemed like the most logical choice.

Jessica’s blog, Choosing Chia, is focused on whole, plant-based ingredients. As a devoted yogi, she believes in balance and as a result she does include some indulgent recipes too.

However, she had to pay the bills so she worked at a job, getting up early and working on her blog. Eventually, she started making enough money on her blog to quit her job.

Food Photography

Jessica began her Instagram account using only an iPhone, but eventually her desire to improve her photos required getting a DSLR.

Having a mindset of experimentation helped her a lot. She was reluctant and stubborn at the beginning. It’s no fun learning something new.

Developing a Food Blogger Work Ethic

There are a selective few that will have a whirlwind immediate success.

A lot of people focus on visualizing the end goal, but you have to visualize the steps to get there. See yourself in the day-to-day grind. This mindset helps us achieve the goals.

Jessica talks about how batch working has helped her achieve the many tasks of food blogging without feeling overwhelmed.

Embrace the Challenge

Whether it’s the Instagram algorithm or the work it takes to create stellar photographs, Jessica encourages bloggers to embrace the challenge. Changing your mindset from complaining about the Instagram algorithm, for example, can help you go about your work in a positive way rather than feeling like a victim.

Batch Work

Jessica has implemented batch work to help her get everything done. She used to bounce from Instagram to food photos to recipe development daily. However, batch working has been a big game changer for her. She will pick a day to schedule her Instagram posts for the week, another day to do business tasks, another day to test recipes, etc.

Show Notes

Here are the resources mentioned in today’s episode on Adopting a Food Blogger Work Ethic with Jessica Hoffman.