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As a food blogger, finding time to get everything done is always a struggle! Today’s guest, Jessica Scully, is talking about productivity hacks. As an owner of a fitness center, mom, wife, and food blogger, Jessica has experience managing multiple priorities. Her fitness instructor mindset also gives plenty of tough love combined with self care as well. She recognizes one of the best ways you can feel good about yourself is through doing difficult things. If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration, today’s episode will get you there!

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More About Jessica Scully

Jessica’s background is very interesting! Her training and experience was in forensic psychology! She spent 10 years working for police departments in crimes analysis type work.

In addition, Jessica became very focused on CrossFit. The gym owner where she worked out approached her and her husband and offered them to purchase the gym. They took that gym owner up on the offer and now, in addition to being a food blogger, she owns a CrossFit gym. Talk about a busy life!

Favorite Productivity Hacks

Jessica has a number of favorite time management hacks, including using Trello to organize her activities. It’s easy to get distracted when new things come up during the day. Instead, Jessica simply ads another card to Trello.

Her goal? Jessica strives to reach the end of each day and to recognize that she’s accomplished what she set out to do. She also uses Google calendar and creates deadlines to help get her work done. Her point being that without a deadline, work can become a little too expansive. However, when it’s on her calendar, she is careful to meet those deadlines.

Improve Your Self Talk

Think for a moment about how you talk to yourself. Is it kind? Harsh? Is it the same way you would talk to a friend? Or, said differently, would you let a friend talk to you the way you talk to yourself?

Oftentimes, we can find our self talk to be too negative. As a fitness coach, Jessica reminds her clients to work on that self talk and to find positive ways to stay motivated.

Positive self talk combined with Jessica’s favorite productivity hacks can make a huge difference for your food blogging career!

Show Notes

You’ll love these resources mentioned in today’s episode with Jessica Scully talking about Productivity Hacks for Food Bloggers:

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