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Today’s guest, JinJoo Lee with the site Kimchi Mari, is on the Chopped Podcast talking about the Art of Taking Yourself Seriously. There is no end to the distractions that can happen in any given day when you’re working for yourself. JinJoo explains that when she realized she was putting everyone else’s priorities above her own, things started to shift. Learn about the inspiring change of perspective that can make a difference for you too!

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About JinJoo

JinJoo’s background is as a computer scientist. In fact, she only started her blog because her daughter was moving away for college and they thought the blog would be a great way to stay in touch. As time passed, JinJoo realized that other people were coming to her site as well.

Then one day she realized she could do something more with her blog. That’s when things started to get serious!

The Art of Taking Yourself Seriously

JinJoo said that when she began approaching her blog with genuine intentions to help her readers, things really changed. She began using an approach of providing thorough content, answering questions, and sharing tested recipes. She also improved her photography by taking online courses.

Of course, even with all of this, she felt her site could grow even further still. She hired a consultant for a site audit and really went to work updating old content and applying the principles of SEO to help her content get discovered.

There was a moment when JinJoo realized she was not always using her time wisely. She knew she would do anything for other people, including stopping her work. But when an entrepreneur begins to apply the art of taking yourself seriously, this all changes!

In fact, she would use the excuse that she wasn’t making much money on her blog, so how could she say no to others’ requests? But once she flipped that idea on its head, she had a great aha moment. Maybe it would be through taking her work seriously that she could begin to make money.

Problem solved!

As a result, JinJoo recommends having office hours and not allowing distractions during those hours, just as if she was working for someone else. She’s noticed a big improvement in her blog and her business as a result!

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