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If adding more video to your site feels like another hurdle you have to jump, Jake Poses with Jumprope has a message for you — it doesn’t have to be that hard! Every now and then an innovative company steps up with solutions that make your work as a food blogger easier. Is Jumprope right for you? Listen in to today’s discussion to learn more!

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More about Jake Poses

Jake Poses Is the Founder and CEO of Jumprope. He was previously the VP at Thumbtack.

Jake has been working with a team to develop Jumprope into a platform everyone goes to discover how to do anything. Whether that’s a recipe, a craft project, a tutorial, a parenting hack, there should be one place to go for all of that. And it should be in a format that’s easily digestible. That’s the vision they have developed for Jumprope.

More about Jumprope

Is Jumprope a video production tool for food bloggers? Or is it an end-user app to watch catchy videos? Could it be a social media platform?

As Jake explains, it’s all of the above. Jumprope is a tool you can use to turn photographs and videos into story-like videos. These can be embedded on your site or used in social media.

As you may know, each social platform has different video requirements, so Jumprope offers templates that transform a single video into multiple formats you can use for different social media platforms.

In addition, Jumprope is a platform for end users. In fact, every video you create using Jumprope is automatically added to your profile where end users can enjoy it.

Google is Embracing Web Stories

Not sure if you’re on the Stories bandwagon yet? Jake says that Google is working on creating Google Stories as part of its web browsing functionality. It seems to indicate that those who are serious about improved Google traffic will want to begin embracing story-styled videos on their sites as well.

Show Notes

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