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Have you dreamed about having an inspiring Instagram profile with a large, engaged audience? If so, you will love today’s discussion on Instagram strategies. Kimberly Espinel is a food blogger, food photographer, and Instagram guru and she’s sharing about how to improve your instagram game.

Episode 165 of the Chopped Podcast features Kimberly Espinel of the site The Little Plantation

Kimberly’s Beginnings

Kimberly was a social worker for years and finally realized she wanted to try something different. She felt, however, that her experience as a social worker helped her so much because it taught her good listening skills. 

It’s surprising to learn that “listening skills” are advantageous for food bloggers. Right?

But Kimberly points out how learning to listen is so important for bloggers. We must listen to our audience in order to share the information they’re seeking. 

Developing Photography Skills

When Kimberly first started her food blog, she had to develop her food photography skills. It wasn’t a natural transition for her; she didn’t feel innately talented as a food photographer.

However, now she’s experienced enough that she teaches people how to shoot. Some of the best teachers are those that had to work their way through the topic rather than those with a natural knack. 

Kimberly gives her students exercises to help them understand light. Because light can transform any photo from ok to masterpiece!

One of the very first exercises I give my students is to place an apple next to a window and then shoot that 9 am, 12 noon, 3 pm, and 6 pm, and then to look at how the pictures are different.

Kimberly Espinel

It’s important to understand the work involved in becoming a good food photographer. Many people believe that they should be able to pick up a camera and be an expert immediately. However, becoming a good food photographer takes work!

Photography is kind of learning the violin. It’s something you have to practice. Some of my students expect to pick up a camera today and become a professional photographer tomorrow.

Kimberly Espinel

How to Improve Your Instagram Game

Kimberly talked about her passion for food bloggers using Instagram. In fact, Kimberly teaches classes now about Instagram as well.

She describes how there’s so many beautiful feeds on Instagram. There’s more than a billion users on Instagram.

What makes you follow a specific blogger? Is it because of the beautiful feeds? Actually, according to Kimberly’s research, people are more inclined to follow Instagram influencers that are relatable.

People are yearning for authenticity. Sure, there are lots of bloggers who share photos at the top of a luxurious apartment with an infinity pool. And they will get a lot of followers.

Kimberly reminds us that there are people who want to follow people just like themselves. People they can relate to. People who have kitchens that look like theirs. That makes people follow along.

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