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When your job is focused 100% on food, especially the tempting kind, it can seem nearly impossible to stick to a diet. You can begin your day feeling strong and inspired, but after looking at a gazillion photos of frosted cupcakes (thank you Instagram and Pinterest), one’s willpower begins to wane…or tank altogether. If you struggle with this side of operating a food blog, then you’ll lie today’s guest, Julianne Bayer, who is sharing her strategies for Maintaining Personal Health Goals as a Dessert Blogger. Listen in for the rest of the story!

Chopped Podcast: Maintaining Personal Health Goals as a Dessert Blogger with guest Julianne Bayer

Julianne shares how she lost 100 pounds and felt amazing as a result. And then she started a dessert blog. A really successful dessert blog. Julianne’s site, Beyond Frosting, has been featured on the Huffington Post, Parade Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Real Simple Magazine, and more.

As a blogger she has been more than happy with the results she’s achieved. However, Julianne gained about a third of her weight back after starting the dessert blog. Of course, there were other things going on as well, including a job that required a lot of travel. Staying healthy while traveling is not easy! Julianne had been private about her weight issues and was worried about posting about it on her site, but finally decided to tell her readers about her weight struggles. It’s a heartfelt post full of emotion and the realities of the hard work she put in to lose weight.

Oftentimes food bloggers can find sticking to their own personal health goals difficult. But when your blog is focused on dessert? That’s another topic altogether.

I think the most important thing is just not to get discouraged I think for me once I start seeing the results — and they don’t come right away — it took at least 3 weeks to see any movement on the scale — and I’m sitting over here going ‘what the heck, nothing’s changing”, but it is changing, it’s just taking time to catch up. — Julianne Bayer

If you’re inspired to find ways to stick to your personal health goals, listen in on today’s podcast episode.

It's my journey to find better balance between my love of desserts and my need to lose weight. — Julianne Bayer on The Chopped Podcast Share on X

Featured Content – Maintaining Personal Health Goals as a Food Bloger

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Julianne:

  • How Julianne started her food blog Beyond Frosting
  • Julianne’s story of losing 100 pounds
  • How Julianne deals with having sweets around the house
  • Why Julianne’s workmates love Mondays
  • How transparency is not always easy, but can be a great source of connection with our readers
  • How focusing on an achievable goal vs. thinking about the long run is important
  • What to do when you fall “off track” on your healthy eating goals
  • Julianne talks about her commitment to exercise
  • We talk about our favorite ways to incorporate exercise into your every day life
  • The exciting opportunities Beyond Frosting has opened up for Julianne
  • Julianne talks about the importance of portion control to help her stay on track with her personal health goals
  • We talk about how important it is to know your trigger points and to plan around them
  • Julianne loves food photography and shares a few of her favorite tips
  • Julianne’s favorite tips for encouraging other bloggers

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