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If you’re a food blogger, you definitely want to adopt an Email Growth Mindset. Matt Molen is the next guest on the Chopped Podcast and he’s speaking about Why Email Marketing is Important and how to optimize your email strategies.

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Email is where it’s at, and if you feel there’s room to improve your email marketing strategy, Matt is the go-to expert! He’s worked with thousands of bloggers, including well-known food bloggers, to help them grow their list, and send more engaging content to their readers. Be a part of the email strategy movement by listening to today’s episode!

More About Matt Molen

Matt built up his email marketing chops while working for another business. Soon, the email strategy he developed worked so well, it was a leading sales figure for that business. Then others began asking about his strategy and how to do it.

In answer to everyone’s questions, Matt developed a course called Subscribe Formula. Now he trails thousands of people about email marketing, including many popular food bloggers.

Why Email Marketing Matters

Matt points out that for your truly loyal fans, it probably doesn’t matter much what you do, they will subscribe. However, if you think of a person who ends up on your site in search of a specific recipe. The majority of them come and then they leave. This is a common experience.

We need to get these people in come-and-leave transaction mode to stop in their tracks. If on that page you have “5 secrets to make your life better in this way,” that will catch their attention. He suggests developing something that will solve their next problem.

Email Magnets

Email Magnets work pretty well because you’re exchanging something of value for free, in exchange for their email address. Examples of email magnets include: printables, e-books, etc. The problem with this, according to Matt, is that they can take time, money, or skill to create. Worse case scenario, they don’t get the right people on your list.

In the food world, specifically, Matt recommends what he calls a “Quick-start Guide.” The reader gets 3 – 5 emails of your very best content. If someone is landing on one of your recipes from Pinterest, you could share with them “5 Tips for Best Desserts,” or whatever the topic is for your blog.

Then the reader will receive emails over the subsequent days. Matt suggests that you can even use content you’ve already developed. You simply need to adapt it to an email sequence where each one links you back to content on your site.

If you’re really good at email marketing, you won’t just have one email magnet, you’ll have MANY different email magnets.

Adopt the Email Growth Mindset

Your current traffic is your number one list-building tool. The more closely aligned your email hook is related to the page the reader landed on, the higher the conversion rate.

In business you learn that the most reliable, inexpensive customer is the one you already have. According to Forbes, it can cost on average 5 times more to attract new clients.

However, improving your email growth mindset means focusing on the traffic you already have. That way you grow your email list to attract the people who are already coming to your site.

Email Growth Hack: The Forever Series

Matt also talks about creating what he called a Forever Series. This is a series of emails that reflects the best of the best from your site. It is a series that is not dependent on time. In other words, it won’t be seasonal content. That way, if someone signs up for your Forever Series in May or October, they will receive the same content.

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