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It’s time for another favorite episode from one of our first podcast recordings! Today we’re bringing back Liz Della Croce talking about Personal Health Goals for Food Bloggers. Because this is the time of year everyone is trying to be healthy. Everyone! Including food bloggers! So strap on those running shoes and let’s talk fitness, diet, and food blogging. If you’d like to hear more on the topic of being healthy even as you blog, listen to my discussion with Maintaining Personal Health Goals as a Dessert Blogger and Keeping Your Fitness in Check as a Food Blogger with Lee Hersh.

Liz Della Croce of The Lemon Bowl is the Guest on Chopped Podcast Episode 115 (Ep 5 Encore)

Today we’re sharing another previous episode. It’s part of our plan to get back on track for the new year. We’ll have more new interviews coming your way soon. Today we’re sharing my discussion with Liz Della Croce about Personal Health Goals for Food Bloggers. If you’ve ever been discouraged because you’re around food all day every day as a food blogger and you feel your jeans getting a little too tight, Liz has some wonderful advice to share. It’s beautiful stuff.

Because feeling good about yourself is also a part of self care. You know, Cara and I are all about the self care!

Personal Health Goals for Food Bloggers

Liz and I talk about a Personal Health Goals for Food Bloggers, including ideas on how she’s maintained self control around tempting food. She’s got a lot of great tips to share and I know you’ll be inspired to get back on the blogging track after listening to Liz talk about her personal journey.

To add a little more intrigue to the discussion, if you haven’t listened to Christine Pittman talk about how she walks and blogs at the same time, you must listen to this episode on Behind the Scenes Food Blog Processes with Christine Pittman. It’s a gem!

Being kind to yourself while at the same time being disciplined is a sweet spot, and it’s how you’re going to find true happiness as a food blogger! 

I love that Liz tells her personal story about weight and how she has weaved that into her blog. Also, Liz talks about some of the fundamentals of food blogging, how she does her photos and more.

Having self control around food isn’t easy. What I’ve learned is to shed the idea of perfection. If I eat one bite of a brownie and then feel ready to chuck the whole diet, that’s a sign I’m tipping the perfectionist scale. So I eat a bite of a brownie? I can get back on track and move on.

Also, I’ve decided recently to refuse to feel guilty about eating. I feel like these two ideas have made a big difference in my attitude toward food. I’m removing it from the “forbidden fruit” category.

Our goal at ChoppedCon is to help you be your best. We hope this discussion on Brand Building Advice for Food Bloggers is a resource  for your work as a food blogger.

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

Learn about Personal Health Goals for Food Bloggers with blogger Liz Della Croce.

Here are the show notes from my discussion with Liz Della Croce on Personal Health Goals for Food Bloggers.

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