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There’s more than one way to make a living as a food blogger and there’s more than one way to approach the work you’re doing as well. Today’s guest, Phillip Fryman works in a lab by day which is why we decided to call today’s episode the Mad Kitchen Scientist Food Blogger. If you’re interested in different revenue models for food bloggers, you should listen to my discussion with Lindsay Cotter of Cotter Crunch on the Food Blogger Business Models. You might also want to read my post on the 3 Revenue Models for Food Bloggers.

Phillip Fryman is on the Chopped Podcast this week talking about being the Mad Kitchen Scientist Food Blogger, finding your true voice as a blogger, and work life balance.

We already know by now that there are multiple ways to go about monetizing your food blog. You can get money for ads on your site, but then you need to have a lot of traffic. Or you can get sponsored posts working with brands, and then you’ll want to have lots of user engagement. Then you can also create products that you can sell on your site. Of course, then you’ll want to make sure you have a large newsletter list to market to.

However, today’s guest, Phillip Fryman, introduces another approach to monetizing your food blog: Freelance Work. He’s created a reputation and works with area restaurants to do food photography for them. This has the added benefit of getting out of the house and around other people who also enjoy great food. As you may well know, one of the negative side effects of being a food blogger are the many hours in front of a computer screen. Doing freelance work that gets you out and about, is definitely an added bonus.

Phillip also talks about the way he works on his blog, specifically at a pace that works for him. It’s so easy to get on the food blogger hamster wheel and feel like you have to do a myriad tasks every day, including social media. I think you’ll enjoy Phillip’s discussion and point of view on the best way to do your work that respects both your audience and you.

A goal of the Chopped Podcast is to build inspiration into the work you’re taking on. We hope today’s show about the mad kitchen scientist food blogger is helpful to the work you’re doing each and every day.

Featured Content – Mad Kitchen Scientist Food Blogger

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Phillip on being a Mad Kitchen Scientist Food Blogger. Here are some of the specifics:

  • Phillip talks about his passion for baking
  • Why he didn’t go to chef school
  • How food blogging fulfills his pastry chef love
  • We talk about metric vs. the regular measurements.
  • Phillip talks about food photography and the difference between his experience studying photography in college vs. what is required for food photography
  • Photography is Phillip’s favorite part of food blogging, which you can tell when you look at his Instagram feed
  • Phillip talks about the pressure food bloggers feel to be constantly creating new content

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