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If your day is broken into chunks of defined time, finding ways to get things done can be a struggle. Today’s guest, Megan Porta, talks about planned productivity for limited time spans such as that. Without planning, your precious time can easily be squandered. That’s while you’ll love these tips from Megan about ways you can transform time to be on your side!

About Megan

Megan started her blog Pip and Ebby with a friend. The friend didn’t stick with the blog, but Megan did. In fact, when she realized that blogging could be a business, she used her background as a graphic designer to her benefit. As a result, the blog transformed from a hobby into something spectacular — a perfect stay-at-home job that gave her the flexibility to stay at home with her young kids while earning a full-time income.

Planned Productivity for Limited Time

Although the flexibility of food blogging was very attractive, it also provided some challenges. For example, how do you get any work done when you’ve got kids, and pets, and friends all at the ready to distract you? Megan wanted to spend time on all of these, but she would never be successful as a food blogger or any career, without giving it some of her full attention.

As a result, Megan began implementing office hours and found ways to be her most productive during this time. She even made sure the pets were away from her office so she could devote herself entirely to her work.

Megan talks in the discussion about the ways she uses Google calendar to stay organized and to mark off time in her calendar for productivity. As a result, she’s able to be forward-looking organized, and she’s able to look back and realize how productive she’s actually been. It’s a powerful combination!

Show Notes

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