Maximizing Blog Visibility: How to Dominate Google in 2017

Don’t just create awesome content, make sure your audience is finding it! Participate in this webinar with SEO guru Casey Markee speaking about Maximizing Blog Visibility.

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If you're hoping to take your food blog to the next level, we here at Chopped are happy to share with you Chopped Webinars! We will be delivering you top-notch speakers sharing ideas, strategies, and tools to help you feel like a pro at your food blog! We began this exciting chapter with Maximizing Blog Visibility: How to Dominate Google in 2017 offered by SEO guru Casey Markee.

Maximizing Blog Visibility 2017

There may be millions of food blogs but only ten first page results in Google. With so much competition, how do you stand out? 

Maximizing Blog Visibility is a webinar led by noted SEO speaker, trainer, and writer Casey Markee, who covers the most common SEO problems facing food bloggers. Participants will learn how to optimize your blog with Google best practices, and see how content, link equity, mobile usability, page speed, and your choice of recipe plugins all work in concert to rank your posts competitively.

Casey Markee is leading the Chopped Webinar on Maximizing Blog Visibility

This Webinar is a live slide deck with a Q&A covering the most popular SEO-related problems experienced by Food Bloggers as a niche. The presentation covers the following and more:

  • What Google is looking for in food blogs for ranking consideration
  • How does Google grade a page?
  • What are the biggest systemic issues facing food bloggers?
  • A detailed discussion of recipe plugins and schema markup
  • Why and how to mobile-optimize for top Google rankings
  • Tools, Tips and Tricks to increase your SEO traffic in 2017

If you want to take your blog to new traffic and visibility heights in 2017, and make more money at the same time, you won't want to miss this special webinar.

Also, all webinar participants will receive the following bonus give-aways:

  • Their name in a drawing to receive a one-hour free coaching session with the Chopped Podcast host, blogger, and former COO, Marly McMillen, MBA
  • A video recording of the webinar to be delivered as soon as possible after the webinar is completed
  • Access to a free SEO task tracking worksheet to help you implement strategies discussed in the webinar.

About Casey

Casey Markee

As the on-staff SEO expert for and one of the most experienced food blogging SEO experts in the world, Casey Markee brings a level of relevant experience that is hard to match. Among the top food blogs Casey has worked with include; Simply Recipes, Steamy, Brown-Eyed Baker and many others.

Casey is also the the founder of digital marketing firm Media Wyse and the Lead SEO Consultant and Trainer for industry new site He's trained SEO teams on five continents and is a co-author of the "Unfair Advantage Guide to Winning the Search Engine Wars" along with hundreds of articles on SEO, social media, and link building topics.


Casey has worked with a number of prominent food bloggers over the years and has helped them reach tremendous success.

Meggan Hill is the guest on Episode 131 of the Chopped Podcast, "Taking Your Food Blog From Good to Great"Be sure to listen to Meggan Hill on the Chopped Podcast talk about her experience working with Casey and how implementing his suggestions helped her triple her traffic in only 10 months.

Here are some testimonials:

Working with Casey was one of the easiest and best decisions I ever made to improve my blog. He explained my position on the Internet and what it would take to get to where I wanted to go. I hired Casey in February 2016, and by December 2016 my Google traffic is up 1200%. TWELVE HUNDRED PERCENT.
— Meggan Hill of Culinary Hill

Casey is a true professional that knows his business inside and out and in a business that constantly changes, his service is invaluable. His SEO knowledge and expertise is impeccable, definitely a leader in his niche.
— Dennis Littley of the site, Chef Dennis

Despite trying to learn SEO on my own, there's just so much information out there that I was absolutely clueless about. Thanks to Casey I feel much better about growing my blog, and I'm so grateful to him for all of the knowledge he has imparted to me. Absolutely no regrets, this is possibly the best investment I've made for my blog yet.
— Samantha Merritt of Sugar Spun Run

Chopped Academy is pleased to announced Chopped Webinars. Our first webinar is Maximizing Blog Visibility—How to Dominate Google in 2017.

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Here's how YOU can participate in the live webinar:

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Duration: Approximately 90 minutes, including time for Q&A

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