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Food bloggers wear many hats, one of which is Social Media Manager. This may not be the area of expertise you signed up for when you hung your food blogger shingle on the internet, but it’s still important, because you want your wonderful content to get discovered and social media can help. That’s why I reached out to Kathy Patalsky for her best advice on Social Media Strategies for Food Bloggers.

Listen to the latest guest, Kathy Patalsky, talk about Social media Strategies for Food Bloggers, on the Chopped Podcast

Kathy Patalsky is the creative force behind the blog Healthy Happy Life (AKA Lunchbox Bunch) and Finding Vegan, a vegan recipe sharing site. Kathy has built her social media following to an impressive 720,476. That’s right, nearly three quarters of a million followers! And that’s only on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

You can see why Kathy’s definitely earned her Subject Matter Expert (SME) stripes in social media. She’s put a lot of hard work into developing her strategy for social media.

I ask Kathy a lot of questions about social media, one of which is how to incorporate your personal life into the things that you’re sharing. As Monique reminded us in episode 14, as a food blogger, you are a big part of what makes up your brand. Kathy talks about her unique perspective about sharing her personal life via social media. As a wellness blogger, she wants to share about her personal journey with healthy living.

I try and incorporate my full life [in social media] because my blog is all about wellness and wellness is not just about a recipe, it’s not just about doing a workout plan, it’s about how you incorporate all those things into your daily life. — Kathy Patalsky, Healthy Happy Life

Kathy talks a lot about developing a process of social media sharing so you can have fun with it. The bottom line is if you don’t enjoy the process (aka the journey), you’re not going to continue to do it.

Featured Content – Social Media Strategies for Food Bloggers with Kathy Patalsky

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Kathy:

  • Why Kathy decided to start her blog
  • How Kathy loves the creativity part of having a food blog
  • Kathy talks about both her sites, Healthy Happy Life and Finding Vegan
  • Kathy talks about tips for her favorite social media platform, Twitter
  • Why it’s important to share about yourself personally
  • Why you should be sharing/promoting other bloggers’ content
  • Kathy talks about including video via social media
  • What has been an important step for Kathy in getting more followers
  • Sponsored post expectations related to social media shares

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