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Erren Hart with the site Erren’s Kitchen describes her success story as a food blogger with all of its ups and downs. She’s an inspiration in so many ways, especially as she talks about her drive and passion towards the path of success. Erren has such a great sense of humor and shares so honestly, it’s a real treat to listen in to today’s episode. Grab a cup of coffee and join this authentic and real discussion about the highs and lows of food blogging!

A photo of Erren Hart with this text: Erren Hart of Erren's Kitchen on the Chopped Podcast!

Getting to Know Erren

Erren, of the site Erren’s Kitchen, was inspired by food blogs before she started her own blog. Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, she started cooking at a very young age with her mother and Italian Grandmother.  

This gave her the foundation to her passion for food and cooking from scratch. She’s been studying the culinary arts in various forms ever since.  

She also knew she had a love for photography and for food, so she decided to do something for herself that she was passionate about. So, she started a food blog.

Know Your Story

Erren talks about the importance of knowing your story. For Erren this means owning her Italian heritage. She describes how knowing your story can help you build a brand!

The Path To Success

Erren talks about really putting in the work to make a food blog successful.

She’s determined and driven, with her eyes on the prize. She even talks about how she took a break from social media entirely, and why she returned to it.

Her comment on success? If you feel driven and put the work in, you can accomplish anything!

Show Notes

The following things were discussed on this episode about the Path to Success with Erren Hart:

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