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It seems like there’s a new social media platform popping up every day. This can create quite the dilemma for a blogger. How do we find time to get on  yet another social media platform? But there may be a silver lining. When a new social media platform arrives on the scene offering some great side benefits, like growing your audience, it’s definitely one you need to pay attention to. That’s why we’re talking about Tips for Using Periscope to Grow Your Audience with Rachael Hutchings. Read (and listen) on to learn more!

Tips for Using Periscope to Grow Your Audience

I’ve done a scope (slang for a Periscope broadcast) now too. And you know what? It was a lot of fun. There’s something about the interactive nature of this platform that’s very fulfilling.

The thing that I love about Periscope is the number [in your audience] really doesn’t matter. If you can get one person in on that scope, that is one person you’re interacting with and it’s kind of like a ripple in a pond. If they like you, they’re going to come back and you’re going to continue to have that interaction. It can be a real quality interaction. — Rachael Hutchings

Rachael talks about how she created her blog, La Fuji Mama, and her preoccupation with bento boxes and Japanese cooking of all kinds. She decided to start using Periscope as a way to talk about this and she received great response.

I’ve been amazed at how supportive the Periscope community is. I have seen immediate results of those scopes in other channels, which is really rewarding! — Rachael Hutchings

If you’re intrigued by Periscope, you’ll definitely want to listen to Rachael sharing her tips for how she’s been using Periscope and the positive benefits she’s experienced as a result.

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Our goal at ChoppedCon is to help you be your best. We hope these tips for using Periscope to Grow Your Audience helpful to the important work you’re doing every day!

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

Featured Content – Tips for Using Periscope to Grow Your Audience

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Rachael, where we discuss:

  • Her inspiration for starting her blog La Fuji Mama
  • Why she fell in love with cooking as a child
  • Rachael’s tips for learning to improve food photography skills
  • How Rachael’s passion for creating bento boxes has grown to be a  theme of her blog
  • How Rachael decided to start using Periscope
  • We talk about the lingo such as how broadcasts are called scopes
  • How Rachael makes dishes live on Periscope
  • Rachael also speaks to her Periscope audience on other topics
  • We talk about how to interact with your audience while doing a scope
  • Rachael talks about the process she uses to plan her scopes
  • We talk about the timing of when to broadcast your scopes
  • Rachael talks about ways to archive your scopes
  • Rachael talks about creating a theme and publishing schedule for Periscope
  • Rachael shares some tips for planning for your scope, like putting together some points

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