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How can you stay in shape while maintaining your passion for your food blog? It can be such a sedentary type of work with hours spent in front of the computer. Lee Hersh with the site Fit Foodie Finds is sharing Tips to Include Fitness in Your Food Blogging Routine so you can meet your personal and professional goals!

Lee Hersh of Fit Foodie Finds on Chopped Podcast Episode 68

Today’s guest, Lee Hersh, of the site the Fit Foodie Finds (see link below), is sharing tips and strategies for incorporating fitness into your everyday life. Whether you’re a full-time food blogger or doing this as a side hustle, either way you’re bound to be spending a lot of hours in front of your computer screen. After awhile the word sedentary can take on new meaning, as in completely out of shape.

With a little bit of creative problem solving, Lee shares tips for you to incorporate fitness into your every day routines. That’s more than about fitting into your favorite jeans, regular exercise helps with creativity too!

Our goal at ChoppedCon is to help you be your best. We hope these tips to include fitness in your food blogging routine with Lee Hersh is helpful to the important work you’re doing every day!

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

My favorite part about food blogging is being able to live my days however I want to. #choppedcon Share on X It's fun to mix in content that's not always food focused. #choppedcon Share on X It's been a game changer to surround myself with people who have like interests. #choppedcon Share on X We're always listening to fun music and it's so fun to just dance like no one's watching. It might sound really cliche, but we do it. #choppedcon Share on X

Featured Content – Tips to Include Fitness in your Food Blogging Routine

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Lee, where we discuss:

  • Learn about why Lee started her food blog
  • Lee shares about food photography and her background that helped out
  • Lee talks about her favorite thing about food blogging
  • We talk about how to maintain fitness goals while traveling
  • Lee really encourages creating a community around fitness
  • Instead of meeting for coffee, why not create walking meetings or find
  • We talk about the accountability and motivation that comes along with being a role model for fitness
  • We talk about Lee’s process for creating blog posts – Lee has an amazing process for planning and creating her posts
  • We also talk about Lee’s publishing schedule too
  • Lee talks about how she’s adding more video to her content
  • Lee talks about why consistency as a blogger is so important

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