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Is SEO the most complicated thing in the world, or what! Oh sure, there’s that brain surgery thing, but other than that, SEO is tough. Add tags, but not too many. Use Meta descriptions. Do keyword research. Have long tails. Long tails? Isn’t that something cats should be worried about? Well, now that you mention it, a cute cat video or two might be helpful. But before you start throwing care to the wind and courting traffic with irrelevant videos, why not take a listen to this post on Top SEO Strategies for Bloggers with one of my favorite blogging gurus, Amy Lynn Andrews. You’ll be glad you did!


There’s already so much to be concerned about with a food blog — food photography, recipe development, editorial calendars, and more — that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to SEO. That’s why I reached out to blogging guru Amy Lynn Andrews to get the scoop on the behind-the-scenes blogging tips.

Amy suggests that it’s important not to overthink this stuff. In fact, focusing on quality content that your readers love is some of the best advice you’ll hear across the board.

If you’re writing great content you’re already doing so many things right. — Amy Lynn Andrews

But, if you’re interested in taking a little deeper dive into SEO, then following along for more great information.

Featured Content – Top SEO Strategies for Food Bloggers with Amy Lynn Andrews

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Amy:

  • Why Amy decided to start her blog sharing best advice on blogging strategies
  • Why Amy recommends develop a niche for your blog
  • Amy’s Number One SEO tip for bloggers!
  • Why Amy believes food bloggers do better on SEO than most
  • Why blog titles are important
  • Amy recommends the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress blogs
  • Be sure to fill out the meta description and post title
  • Remove dates out of the permalink structure
  • Why long-form content can be more important than short term content
  • Why it’s important for your site to be mobile-ready
  • Amy’s recommendation for the one thing to completely focus on if you do nothing else
  • Amy talks about her preference for categories and tags for reader organization

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