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Have you ever thought you’d like to write a cookbook? If so, you want to learn from the best about how to write and promote your book. Today’s guest talks about just that. Listen in to Writing a Cookbook with Jocelyn Delk Adams on today’s episode of the Chopped Podcast.

Writing a Cookbook is the topic of today's Chopped Podcast with Jocelyn Delk Adams

If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a cookbook, you’ll love today’s interview with Jocelyn Delk Adams, talking about how she wrote her book Grandbaby Cakes.

If you’re not writing a cookbook anytime soon, don’t worry, there’s a lot in this episode for you as well. Jocelyn talks about how she maintains her personal health goals as a food blogger, her post production process, photography and more. Her “out of the box” promotion tips for the book are also the kinds of ideas that could be applied to a blog as well.

Here are some favorite quotes from today’s interview:

My advice is to pull all of your contacts and hit the ground running as early as possible to get people to think about your book and to never stop promoting your book. #choppedcon Share on X I think some people are just a little too strict with their diet. I mean, this is life. Please enjoy your life. #choppedcon Share on X

We also talk about the issue of blogging for other bloggers. This is not a new topic here at Chopped. I discussed this way back in Episode #1 with Tessa Arias. When you blog for other bloggers, you’re less authentic. It’s a position of fear. When you push past that fear and begin blogging based on your passion, for your audience, your readers, you’ll notice a big difference!

Jocelyn also talks about her process for creating posts. She maintains a GoogleDoc to help her keep track of all her recipe ideas. She says it helps her to understand the kinds of things she plans on posting. She also keeps the Google Drive app on her phone so she can access those documents from anywhere.

You shouldn't even look to be the blog that's for everyone, because that's the surefire way to fail. #choppedcon Share on X Find out what you're amazing at and make that the main focus of your blog. #choppedcon Share on X

Our goal at ChoppedCon is to help you be your best. We hope these tips on Writing a Cookbook with Jocelyne Delk Adams is helpful to the important work you’re doing every day!

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

Featured Content – Writing a Cookbook with Jocelyn Delk Adams

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Jocelyn, where we discuss:

  • Learn about the ironic beginning to Jocelyn’s blog
  • How Jocelyn feels like she was born with a love of food!
  • Jocelyn talks about how she fell in love with food photography
  • How Jocelyn was approached by two agents to do a cookbook
  • Jocelyn talks about how she used recipe testers for her cookbook
  • The process Jocelyn used to shoot the photos for her cookbook
  • Why Jocelyn recommends having friends who are not bloggers
  • We talk about why it’s important to collaborate with others for your blog and other related projects
  • Jocelyn talks about her daily plan when it comes to social media sharing
  • Jocelyn talks about a checklist she uses for social media sharing her blog posts
  • Jocelyn suggests that you really narrow down your focus to grow your audience

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