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Google Analytics for Food Bloggers Webinar

The Grow Your Food Blog with Google Analytics and Top Organization Practices has already happened, but here's your opportunity to get in on the action and purchase the replay of this event!

You know Google Analytics (GA) has all the bells and whistles to take your food blog to another level, but are you confident in how to use it? Food Blogger and Google Analytics guru Brandi Crawford will show you how she's used GA to grow her food blog to over a million pageviews a month!

Want to learn more about updating old content, keyword research, and editorial planning? Food blogger and podcaster Marly McMillen will show you her time-tested process for doing all of the above, with easy, user-friendly spreadsheets!

Grow Your Food Blog with Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a marvelous, free tool, but if you’re not able to understand and use the features it offers, you won't be able to take advantage of the huge benefits it offers.

Icon of a bar graph with an upward arrowIf you’re like most people, your Google Analytics experience looks something like this: You log in, look at your total page views and then head to to referrals to see where your traffic is coming from. Maybe you might see which of your posts are ranking the highest. And you might even see the search terms people are using to come to your site, if you’re feeling really swanky.

If that describes your Google Analytics experience, you are missing out on so much data. Look, food blogs can be a lot about the art of food blogging. But we can also be data-driven businesses as well. And rather than reading a million posts out on the internet trying to decipher how in the world you can better utilize GA for your food blog, come join us for an hour and learn from a Google Analytics expert who has been there, working with people just like you, food bloggers!


Food Blogger and Google Analytics guru, Brandi Crawford will share with you the most common GA roadblocks food bloggers face. You'll learn how to optimize your GA experience, best practices, and you will experience screen shares from an actual food blog to see how you can read the data more accurately to get useable information, such as popular content, and more.

Top Organizational Practices: Updating Old Content

Do you have a lot of old content on your site that needs to be optimized but you don't know where to begin? Marly will show you her spreadsheet and step-by-step how you can download content from your site and track updates.

Goal: You need to feel 100% confident in all your content. If you're not linking internally to it, how can you expect anyone else will? If you're not sharing it on social media, why would anyone else? This spreadsheet will help you get on top of your content and reach that goal of feeling 100% confident in it!

Top Organizational Practices: Editorial Calendar

You need to be sharing compelling content that makes your audience jump at the chance to share it with their friends and family. Using an editorial calendar can help transform your blog from guesswork to planned, share-worthy content!

Marly will share her process and spreadsheet where she tracks her keyword research and monthly editorial planning. This spreadsheet tracks four key components for each and every scheduled recipe post:

  1. Recipe drafted
  2. Recipe tested
  3. Recipe shot
  4. Post draft created

You'll know exactly where you are in the process for each and every month. This can help you begin working ahead instead of feeling constantly behind!

Don't Miss this Amazing, Power-Packed Webinar!

Purchase this webinar where you'll watch on-demand a presentation with a slide deck, and screen shares from actual food bloggers! Watch and Brandi and Marly answer questions from real food bloggers too! Marly and Brandi cover the most popular GA questions by Food Bloggers, keyword research, how to update old content, and editorial planning. The presentation covers the following (and then some):

  • Ways to Transform GA so you can have a better data experience
  • Learn about the biggest issues facing food bloggers
  • A detailed description to help you Understand GA Data
  • Illustration of a pie chart and line graphKnow and interpret your Engaged Users, including where they're coming from
  • How to read your top posts so you can better position yourself with YOUR audience
  • What on-page activities are your users engaged in?
  • How to get your visitors coming back to your site for more
  • Understand which sites are sending you the most traffic and ways to keep it coming
  • Ways to better know your audience demographic
  • Tools, tips and tricks to increase your traffic based on a better understanding of GA
  • How to update your old content to meet current SEO standards
  • How to download all your blog posts into a spreadsheet
  • Use keyword research so you can create content that matters to your audience
  • How to editorial plan to deliver amazing content to your audience!

Grow Your Food Blog Webinar Bonus

With your purchase of this on-demand webinar, you will receive access to the following bonus give-aways:

  • Free user-ready template of every spreadsheet mentioned in this episode
  • Access to the recording of the webinar 24/7
  • Access to the Chopped Facebook group for food bloggers


About Brandi

A photos of Brandi Crawford holding a cocktail.

Brandi Crawford is the creator, recipe developer, and food photographer of Stay Snatched, a food blog that focuses on quick and easy, healthy recipes that do not compromise on taste.

Stay Snatched has been featured in Women’s Health MagazineCountry Living MagazineShape MagazineEssenceDelishThe Kansas City Star, Kansas City Spaces Magazine, among other media outlets. Formally a CPA and financial analyst, Brandi now spends most of her time in the kitchen, at the gym, and chasing her 3-year old Yorkshire terrier.

Brandi has used Google Analytics to grow her blog to over a million pageviews per month in only two years!

About Marly

You may know Marly as the host of the Chopped Podcast, but she is also a former consultant and COO turned entrepreneur! Marly earned her MBA from the University of Missouri-Columbia as a single mom. Even as she earned that advanced degree, she knew she had a dream of something more than the typical corporate path.

Marly has a passion for living a high energy, vibrant, healthy, and full-of-flavor life. That's one reason she started her blog, Namely Marly where she shares vegan recipes and her passion for a creative life. Namely Marly has been featured in Women's Health, the Huffington Post, Costco Magazine, and more.