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Smart Keywords for Food Bloggers

How do you feel when you hear people talk about the amazing value of keywords? Do you feel energized and ready to take it on? Or are you completely lost and confused?

If you're like so many people, feeling lost and confused, the Chopped Academy's Smart Keywords for Food Bloggers course is for you!

Introducing: The Smart Keywords for Food Bloggers Course!

This information-packed course includes a webinar, spreadsheet, printable on-page keywords guide, and so much more!

Are you ready to take your blog to the next level? The Smart Keyword Course will blow your mind with valuable insights on how you can use keywords to grow your business. Are you tired of hearing people talk about keywords, but not deliver the how! Well, here's your opportunity to get in on the keywords action and purchase this course to be the best blogger you can be!

Original price was: $249.Current price is: $149.

You know keywords is the golden ticket to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), right? But the question is, how do you do it? And how can you feel confident enough to use it? Food Bloggers and Keywords gurus Brandi Crawford and Marly McMillen will show you how they use keywords to land on the first page of competitive search terms in their niches!

Want to track your SEO Keywords so you can see improvements in real time? This course provides an easy, user-friendly spreadsheet to do just that!

What to Expect From the Course

Everything you've heard about Keywords is true: it offers you the opportunity to improve your position in SERP and as a result, deliver more traffic! However, you have to know how to do it right.

In this exclusive course, you will learn the secrets that can take you from ho-hum to humming with keywords! In this course, you will learn four valuable secrets:

  • Secret #1: Do Keyword Research Effectively
  • Secret #2: Use ON-PAGE Keywords to position each post for traffic
  • Secret #3: Track your keywords so you can see their effectiveness over time!
  • Secret #4: Understand and use Long Tail Keywords to your advantage to grow your traffic!

You'll learn how to master these FOUR SECRETS plus SO MUCH MORE in the Smart Keywords Course! As a food blogger, you're an artist, a chef, a business owner, a boss, but you need to be something else as well: an expert at SEO. There are FOUR Billion searches a day on Google! We want to help you tap into that traffic and grown your business! Purchase this course and gain access to a 90-minute webinar where you'll learn about Keywords from people who are in the middle of it all, food bloggers just like you!


Here's what Sarah Cook had to say about participating in the Grow Webinar with Marly and Brandi:

This webinar was a game changer for my blog and SEO strategy! I learned so much that helped me move my keyword research practice to the next level! —Sara Cook

Original price was: $249.Current price is: $149.

Food Blogger, Google Analytics guru, and Keywords boss, Brandi Crawford will share with you the Keywords tools she's used to grow her site to over ONE MILLION pageviews a month!  You'll learn:

  • What keywords you should be targeting by volume
  • What keywords to target by competition level
  • How to effectively use long tail keywords
  • How to track keywords to see your progress over time
  • Best practices regarding the use of keywords

You will experience screen shares from actual food bloggers showing how you can make these processes a part of your everyday practice!

Updating Old Content

Do you have a lot of old content on your site that needs to be optimized but you don't know where to begin? Marly will show you how to update old content with keywords! Follow her spreadsheet with step-by-step instructions on how you can update old content and get it back in the traffic flow!

At Last...A Smart Keywords Strategy!

Purchase this course where you'll gain access to a presentation showing a slide deck, and screen shares from actual food bloggers! Watch Brandi and Marly share their screens, expertise, and spreadsheets in addition to answering questions from your peers, real food bloggers! Marly and Brandi cover the most popular Keywords questions by Food Bloggers, keyword research, long tail keywords, best keyword research strategies, how to update old content with keywords, and editorial planning. The presentation covers the following (and then some):

  • How so many food bloggers are doing keyword research all wrong!
  • How keywords can boost your traffic!
  • A detailed description to help you know which keywords to target!
  • Know and interpret your Your Keywords Sweet Spot
  • How to do on-page Keywords so you can better position yourself with the audience you want to target
  • Implement an internal linking strategy to support your keywords
  • Use social media to support your keywords strategy
  • Tools, tips and tricks to increase your traffic based on a better understanding of keywords
  • How to update your old content to meet current SEO standards
  • Use keyword research so you can create content that matters to your audience

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Smart Keywords Course Bonus

With the purchase of  the Smart Keywords Course, you will receive access to the following bonus give-aways:

  • Free user-ready Keywords Spreadsheet
  • Keywords Optimized Post Checklist — use this printable handout to optimize keywords
  • Chance for Food Blog Coaching — Each person who registers will have their name in a drawing: one person will win a one-hour coaching session
  • Access to the recording of the webinar 24/7
  • Access to the Chopped Facebook group for food bloggers

About Brandi

A photos of Brandi Crawford holding a cocktail.

Brandi Crawford is the creator, recipe developer, and food photographer of Stay Snatched, a food blog that focuses on quick and easy, healthy recipes that do not compromise on taste.

Stay Snatched has been featured in Women’s Health MagazineCountry Living MagazineShape MagazineEssenceDelishThe Kansas City Star, Kansas City Spaces Magazine, among other media outlets. Formally a CPA and financial analyst, Brandi now spends most of her time in the kitchen, at the gym, and chasing her 3-year old Yorkshire terrier.

Brandi has used Google Analytics to grow her blog to over a million pageviews per month in only two years!

About Marly

You may know Marly as the host of the Chopped Podcast, but she is also a former consultant and COO turned entrepreneur! Marly earned her MBA from the University of Missouri-Columbia as a single mom. Even as she earned that advanced degree, she knew she had a dream of something more than the typical corporate path.

Marly has a passion for living a high energy, vibrant, healthy, and full-of-flavor life. That's one reason she started her blog, Namely Marly where she shares vegan recipes and her passion for a creative life. Namely Marly has been featured in Women's Health, the Huffington Post, Costco Magazine, and more.

Original price was: $249.Current price is: $149.