Mark Leonard talks about copyright and trademark law for food bloggers on the Chopped PodcastEp #9: Top Trademark and Copyright Tips with Mark Leonard

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with everything you need to do with a food blog? Between the recipe development, food photography, editing tools, social media sharing, and SEO tactics, you’re putting in the overtime hours. But add on top of that copyright …


Phil Kelnhofer on the Chopped PodcastEp #8: The Happily-Employed Food Blogger with Philia Kelnhofer

Does it ever seem that the only food blogs that matter are those where the person running the show is considered a full-time blogger? Today we’re talking about another type of sustainable model for food bloggers, one where the blogger actually like the …


Liz Della Croce is the next guest on the Chopped PodcastEp #5: Maintaining Personal Health Goals as a Food Blogger

Sometimes maintaining your health goals as a food blogger can be such a challenge. Word! If you’re trying to watch your weight and yet your next photo shoot involves an indulgent chocolate chip cookie, willpower seems futile. All too often, the cookie …