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Today is Friday so that means it’s time for the Chopped Podcast FriChats! Today’s Friday Chats features Marly talking about a topic of great interest: How Tennis and Blogging are the same. You’ll be so surprised to hear the similarities!

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Bring on the FriChats! This week Marly is sharing her thoughts on how tennis and blogging are the same. It boils down to three main points:

  1. Finding Ways to Not be Nervous. Marly says she has only 40% of her tennis skills available to her when she’s nervous in a match. She’s found ways like deep breathing and even laughing to help herself become more relaxed and her performance shows it. The same can be true of blogging. If you’re nervous that your photos are not good enough, or that you’re not creating 50 bazillion posts a week or that you’re not doing this or that right, then this will have an impact. Marly shares tips on how learning to relax can impact your blogging game!
  2. Release Judgment. Marly says that she sometimes finds herself judging her opponents. Well, they don’t have good form so they’re not that good, so Marly thinks she should beat them. But then when she finds herself losing she feels even worse. So she’s learned to find a neutral place and to avoid judgement and this helps. The same is true for blogging here as well. How often have you found yourself judging another blogger? Maybe you don’t like their work, or maybe their photo hits you the wrong way? Releasing judgement of others is a great way to bring out the best in yourself. Marly shares tips on how she works to remain neutral, including a red ribbon she wears on her right wrist!
  3. Stay in the Present Moment. Marly describes how in tennis it’s easy to think ahead in a point, like what will happen if you do or don’t win it. Or she says she can distracted by the opponents service motion or a siren in the background. Distractions happen in blogging too. You can easily have a hundred things you need to do in any given moment, from social medial to keyword research to buying ingredients for your next recipe! Finding ways to stay focused on the present moment while also working within a process that works best for you is vital.

One last thing. Marly also describes how in tennis there are times when each player walks off the court to take a breather. Bloggers need to do this as well. Catch your breath. Do something you love; that makes you out-of-this world happy! Then when you step back in front of the computer, you’re ready to be your best!

Check back with us each Friday to get your FriChat on!

Our goal at ChoppedCon is to help you be your best. We hope this discussion on Tennis and Blogging is helpful to the important work you’re doing every day!

Now, go forth and Be Your Best You!

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Here are some of the highlights of today’s post:

  • Marly talks about the importance of staying relaxed
  • Marly talks about her tips for staying relate in a match and how that can translate for bloggers too
  • Marly shares about how judgement holds her back, both on the courts and as a blogger
  • Marly shares why she wears a red ribbon around her wrist and how that helps her stay neutral and to avoid judging others (and herself)
  • Marly shares tips on staying in the present moment
  • Marly shares about how doing something you love every day is important
  • Don’t forget to include your photos using the #bloggermetime so we can all see how others are taking time for self-care!

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