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Sometimes as a food blogger it’s important to find alternative revenue opportunities in order to make that hobby sustainable or to help you launch into becoming a full-time food blogger. But just because you’re a food blogger doesn’t mean all your revenue has to be related to food. Listen in to my interview with Sara Cornelius as she talks about Creative Revenue Streams for Food Bloggers.

Creating alternative sources of revenue for food bloggers with sara cornelius

If you’re curious about expanding your social media outreach to include SnapChat, today’s podcast episode will provide lots of answers.

I’m aware of the fact that people are full-time food bloggers and that’s a dream of mine to do that someday.  And I know that making income from just ad revenue is extremely difficult so I thought with these illustrations I can easily sell prints of these online and then I automatically have an extra source of income and it should help lead to freelance opportunities. So it was always a part of my blog business plan. — Sara Cornelius

Sara created an Etsy shop where she sells her prints. Sara also has a job which she says allows her the freedom to follow the passions of what she wants to do with her blog.

Sara talks about some of the highs and lows of being a food blogger. The highs include receiving comments from people who say they were inspired to cook at home thanks to one of her posts. The lows may be turning down activities with friends or others because of something she needed to do for her blog.

Featured Content – Creative Revenue Streams with Sara Cornelius

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Sara:

  • How Sara spent two years planning her food blog
  • The process Sara used to determine the name of her blog
  • How Sara decided to create a visually-pleasing blog
  • Sara talks about her photography process, including how she used to work with her boyfriend to do the photography and now does it on her own
  • Sara’s process involves trying her best to have fun with it!
  • How using Instagram helped Sara develop her style and aesthetic for what she likes in her food photos
  • Sara loves connecting with other food bloggers
  • Sara creates a uniquely illustrated print for each recipe she shares on her blog
  • Sara includes selling her food illustrations as part of her food blog business plan
  • How Sara has turned down commissioned work that she doesn’t love because she would rather spend time working on her blog, that she really loves
  • Sara shares how she’s used Instagram to grow her presence there
  • Sara talks about her favorite (and least favorite) social media platforms
  • Sara also talks about her recipe/post preparation process

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