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Everyone’s buzzing about how SnapChat is the up and coming social media platform everyone has to be on. If you’re not on it and curious about how to join SnapChat or if you’ve secured your profile but have no idea what to do with it, then today’s episode is for you. That’s because I’m talking with Davida Kugelmass about Using SnapChat for Food Bloggers. Listen on!

Davida Kugelmass of The Healthy Maven is on the Chopped Podcast talking about SnapChat

If you’re curious about expanding your social media outreach to include SnapChat, today’s podcast episode will provide lots of answers. David

So much of social media has become so curated — everything is so beautiful and gorgeous all over Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest — everything feels like a dream. And that’s nice and it’s really inspirational, but it isn’t necessarily real. — Davida Kugelmass

I think Davida is on a mission to make blogging more real. Don’t get me wrong, I understand she’s passionate about her food photography and the styling, but as she mentions in this podcast episode, sometimes the lines begin to blur between what we share as food bloggers on our blog (i.e., beautiful photos of food) and the real moments in our lives. Social media platforms can kind of perpetuate this perception as we share all these gorgeous shots of food.

But the thing is, when you post a photo or video to SnapChat, it goes away after 24 hours. That can either make you feel like shrugging your shoulders and saying, “Why bother?” or it can give you the freedom to let your hair down a little. You can go ahead and post that photo of the failed brownies and maybe even your messy kitchen after a day in the kitchen (I may have done this recently on SnapChat…), and it’s ok. Because that photo or video won’t be there after tomorrow anyway.

Also, each social media platform has its own unique best practices. You may be worried right now that you don’t understand or feel comfortable with how to make things work on SnapChat. It’s understandable. But if you think back on it, you might have felt the same when you first began using Instagram. I know I did. So, if you’re curious about using SnapChat, don’t let your fear of the unknown hold you back. Tip #1 in learning a new social media platform? Follow some of the folks that do get it, watch what they do, and then start trying it out. The good news is if you hate what you’re producing, it only lasts 24 hours anyway. SnapChat may be the perfect social media playground!

If you’re thinking about using SnapChat more to grow your audience, you’ll love this interview with Davida.

Featured Content – Using SnapChat for Food Bloggers with Davida Kugelmass

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Davida:

  • How courage played a role in helping Davida starting her blog The Healthy Maven
  • How Davida went from idea to quitting her job to become a full-time blogger in eight months!
  • How Davida was inspired to create healthy food on a budget while living in New York on a research assistant’s budget!
  • Davida talks about social media and how the images are so curated that it creates a perception of life that’s not necessarily real or achievable
  • How Davida uses SnapChat to share what’s real with her life, including food and beyond
  • Davida talks about how SnapChat can be an opportunity to show your food in real life which can make it more achievable for your readers
  • Some typical things that Davida will share via SnapChat: What she’s having for dinner one day, she’s on her way to barre workout, skipping with a friend, hanging out watching Netflix with her boyfriend, etc.
  • Marly explains why she thinks SnapChat is perfect for food bloggers!
  • We discuss why a video/photo that lasts only 24 hours takes the pressure off of being perfect!
  • Davida talks about her sharing strategy for SnapChat.
  • Davida also talks about how to share your content to what’s called My Story.
  • Davida talks about the logistics of navigating SnapChat, like adding to your My Story, or adding new friends, etc.
  • Would you ever consider a SnapChat takeover? Davida explains what this is and how it can help you grow your SnapChat platform
  • It’s easy to want to apply other social media platform practices to a new one, but Davida explains some things that are different about SnapChat, like commenting on other SnapChats, hashtags, and more.
  • If you’re overwhelmed with social media and think you can’t take on one more thing, Davida has a tip for you as a bare minimum, secure your blog’s name as a profile on SnapChat.
  • SnapChat has one thing in common with every other social media platform…the more you use it, the more you’ll get used to how to use it.
  • The number one recommendation from Davida? Be yourself!
  • Davida also shares some of her blogging tips, like how she uses Google Keyword Planner search to help plan out her posts.

Show Notes

This episode includes references to some resources you might find interesting. Here they are:

  • Learn more about today’s guest, Davida Kugelmass on her sites The Healthy Maven, The Blogger Project, and She Uncovered.
  • Davida and I talked about The Chef’s Table, particularly episode number two with Dan Barber of the restaurant Blue Hill.
  • Let’s follow each other on SnapChat! Here’s a great resource for how to Get Started on SnapChat. Then, read this post How to Optimize SnapChat for Your Brand with lots of great tips (and screenshots) on the logistics of using SnapChat. Then…be sure to click on the Ghost Snapchat icon, click on Add Friends, then click on Add by Username and type in The Healthy Maven. You’ll see Davida’s profile come up and click on symbol next to her name. Then do the same thing for Namely Marly. And you’ll have two people you’re following. Now, if you want a follow back? Leave your SnapChat profile name in the comments below!
  • Why not give Davida a shout-out on Twitter or Instagram and say thanks for the Chopped Podcast interview!
  • Today’s intro shout-out goes to Amy of the Accidental Happy Baker. Thanks, Amy, for your support of the Chopped Podcast!


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