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Today we’re sharing another Special Episode of the Chopped Podcast. We’re talking all about the Food Blog Success Summit, a sort of mastermind session for food bloggers to learn and grow. It’s for serious bloggers who have a dream to take their blog to the next level. Tessa Arias of Handle the Heat and Food Blog Academy and Kathryne Taylor of Cookie + Kate and I are the collaborators on today’s show (and the event itself) and together we’re doing a review of a food blog. See the details below so you can follow along too.


Featured Content – FBSS Hotseat 1 Olivia – The Brazilian Food Blogger

Olivia has a dream. She wants to start a family and have a career that allows her the time and flexibility to earn money while at the same time spending time with her family as well. She’s been blogging for about a year and hopes to become a full-time food blogger before she starts her family. In addition to her desire to have more time for family, she also loves the idea of being her own boss. She’s originally from Brazil and now lives in New York with her husband. She wants to make a living doing something that she’s actually passionate about and doesn’t feel like work.

Why not check out Olivia’s site while you listen along to our feedback!

Olivia’s Site: Olivia’s Cuisine

Show Notes

Here are some of the resources and references we suggested for Olivia:

  • Tessa mentions Melanie Duncan and her #1 business tip is to always be open to receiving feedback, and then acting on it!
  • We talk about Pinterest sharing and scheduling tools including:  ViralTag, Tailwind, Ahalogy, and Buffer.
  • We talk about the Yoast SEO Plugin and the Foodie Pro WordPress Theme
  • Tessa shares a great tip for people using more than one photo on a recipe post (and who doesn’t?): be sure to maximize key words by using different alt descriptions on your photos. For example, if the photo is for Chocolate Cream Frosting, you can use frosting on one of the images and icing on another.
  • We also recommend that Olivia consider compressing her images so the file size is smaller and so that the images fit the size of her wordpress theme, which is probably like 680 pixels wide.

Food Blog Success Summit

If you like what you hear today and want more, join us for the Food Blog Success Summit (FBSS) where we’ll be doing the same with up to 10 sites. Come and be a part of the audience or submit your site to be one of the lucky ones on the hotseat! Either way, there’s exciting discussions, lessons, and tips for success that you’ll want to be a part of it!

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