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If you’ve ever thought about starting a food blog and then thought about taking the leap to make that food blog your career, well you know, it can become overwhelming. Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom of the incredibly successful site Pinch of Yum have a suggestion for people dealing with the burden of trying to do it all. Just stop! In fact, Bjork challenges food bloggers to just focus on one thing and to improve it by 1% every day. That’s why he calls this his One Percent Infinity Improvement Plan. Wanna learn more? Read on!

Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom are the next guests on Chopped Podcast and they're talking about all things food blogging, and how you can take yours from good to GREAT using their 1% Infinity Improvement Plan. Good stuff!

Today is such a great day because I get to share with you my conversation with Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom. You may know Lindsay best for her staring role on the crazy popular site Pinch of Yum. And you might be familiar with Bjork for his staring role on the site and membership network Food Blogger Pro. Today they’re making a cameo appearances on The Chopped Podcast. Can you tell it’s Oscar’s week? And the award goes to…

One thing I really love about Bjork and Lindsay is their passion for delivering quality content in a fun, playful manner. I think you’ll see that come through in their interview. Especially when we start talking about cat videos. Yes. Cat videos!

Featured Content – One Percent Infinity with Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Lindsay & Bjork:

  • How they came up with the name for their über popular site.
  • How their blog has two markets, and they’re ok with that.
  • How Lindsay’s love of cooking began as a hobby.
  • The beginning of their monthly income statistics posts and how that led to the development of Food Blogger Pro.
  • One of the most important metrics for the average user of Food Blogger Pro, and guess what? It’s not monetizing their blog! (not that it couldn’t be, it’s just there’s something of greater even greater value)
  • How food bloggers live with the the food narrator voice living in their head!
  • Bjork’s obsession with Inbox Zero.
  • A “Day in the Life” at the Pinch of Yum/Food Blogger Pro headquarters.
  • Bjork’s favorite productivity tools.
  • Lindsay’s favorite day/week planners.
  • Bjork’s favorite term, the One Percent Infinity Improvement Plan!
  • The one concept that, once mastered, can free you up to eventually become the best you can be!
  • How having high expectations can put too much pressure on our creative selves.
  • Lindsay’s favorite part about food blogging. Is it the food? The writing? The photography?
  • The story behind Bjork’s name! You may have to listen to the podcast just to hear this part!
  • The cat video Bjork wants everyone to watch (see link below)

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