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Who are you? I mean, really! That’s the point of today’s interview with Bev Weidner of the site Bev Cooks. Finding your authentic voice through writing, photography, captions and more can be such an important part of a food blogger’s existence. So that’s the focus of my interview with Bev. Well, that and the twins. You know, we can’t forget the twins!

Bev Weidner of BevCooks is the next guest on the Chopped Podcast.

Today is such a great day because I get to share with you my conversation with Bev Weidner. You may know Bev best because of her site BevCooks. But then again, her wildly popular Instagram account may have a little to do with it too. When you think of Bev, the word quirky comes to mind, but I promise it’s quirky in the best way possible. She walks to the step of her own drummer. That’s authenticity at its best!

Authenticity. It’s a complicated subject! I read this quote recently that gets to the heart of it,

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are — Joseph Campbell

The question is, how can you be yourself when you’re bombarded with messages trying to manipulate who you are all day long? Even from birth we’re taught in a way that best reflects what others and society wants. Be a good girl. Boys don’t cry. You know what I’m talking about? How can a person really know her or himself?

To get your name out there and the best, quickest way to do that is to comment like crazy! If you read a blog and you love what they’ve said and you love the photos, tell them!” — Bev Weidner

Bev and I talk about these heady issues, but in a lighthearted and downright fun way.

The answer to how to be authentic? Here’s what I’ve landed on. You won’t know it overnight. It requires tasting a thousand cookies before knowing the one that really rocks your socks. Then repeat that with fruit, and vegetables, and purses (I think I’m on 1,001 purses), and writing styles. In other words, you have to get yourself out there and take the time to be reflective. See how you react to these things. That’s when you start to really know yourself. Journaling helps.

And if you’re into journaling, you’ll love next week’s podcast interview too! See below for the 411 on our next guest!

Featured Content – Finding Your Authentic Voice with Bev Weidner

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Bev:

  • Bev’s favorite days to do food photography
  • The twins’ musical ability. Let’s just say Natalie better pick it up a notch!
  • Bev’s tips for finding your authentic voice
  • How bloggers can deal with online bullying. Yes, it happens.
  • How to capture those brilliant thoughts that come to mind when shooting a cookie, but somehow disappear when you sit down at the computer!
  • Bev also shares her favorite tip for growing your audience
  • Bev’s favorite Instagram app
  • Some unrecognized benefits of food blogging

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