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Have you ever thought you’d like to add more video to your food blog? Maybe you’ve seen some other site offer a video of how they’ve prepared a certain dish. Or maybe you’d like to launch a YouTube channel to work in concert with the recipes you’re offering on your blog. However, you want to dice it, adding video to your blog can be a great way of increasing exposure. That’s why we’re thrilled to be sharing this interview with Denise Woodward and Lenny Ferreira talking about Steps to Successful Video Blogging for Food Bloggers.

Steps to Successful Video Blogging for Food Bloggers

Adding video may seem like one more hurdle you have to find a way to jump, but Denise and Lenny are here to talk about ways to make video a fun part of your blogging process.

First of all, you don’t have to add video to every single blog post. Denise and Lenny encourage their videography students to pick the posts that interest them the most and to create video for those recipes. During today’s interview, they share strategies on how to get started and steps you can take to begin adding video to your blog today!

Video definitely has a learning curve. Lenny gives a few video 101 tips in our discussion today, including jump cuts and A vs. B Roll. Lenny has a background in video production. So it’s not hard to imagine why Denise and Lenny worked together to add video to their food blog, Chez Us. As a result they’ve worked with brands who don’t have video crews on their staff and seek to work with bloggers who can add quality food videos to their site.

But more than anything, video can add more personalization to your blog. If a picture paints a thousand words, think about what it could mean to your readers to see you talking or hear your voice with your recipes.

I find video is a great way to connect and add that personality to your site…and our readers like it. — Denise Woodward

If you’ve thought about adding video to your site, listen in on today’s podcast episode for some tips to get you started.

Featured Content – Steps to Successful Video Blogging for Your Food Blog with Denise Woodward and Lenny Ferreira

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Denise and Lenny:

  • How Denise started a food blog and it expanded to Chez Us
  • Lenny’s background working in video production
  • Lenny and Denise talk about how using video on their blog has worked for them
  • We talk about video terminology for food bloggers, like jump cuts and A vs. B roll
  • If you think your kitchen is not good enough to shoot video, Denise offers some great advice to help you get over that
  • We talk about the kind of equipment you need for getting started with adding video to your food blog
  • We talk about the software you’ll need for post processing your food blog videos
  • We talk about including music on your video and the importance of copyright issues
  • Should you have a theme that runs across all your videos? Lenny and Denise answer this question from different perspective
  • We talk about what to do with the huge file sizes that come with adding video to your site
  • Lenny talks about whether to submit your videos to YouTube or Vimeo

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