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Sometimes as a food blogger it’s good to know about the tools that are available to help you be your best. CoSchedule is a tool used by a lot of food bloggers so we’re providing a little more information on how you can use it as well. Our guest today is Nicole Johnson with the site Or Whatever You Do and today we’re talking about Using CoSchedule for Food Bloggers.

Nicole Johnson is the next guest on the Chopped Podcast talking about Using CoSchedule for Food Bloggers

Today’s episode is a little more practical because we’re talking about the software CoSchedule. If you haven’t heard of CoSchedule before, imagine a WordPress plugin that combines an editorial planning calendar, with a communication/project management tracking, with a social media scheduling tool. It’s all right there. And now Nicole informs me they offer a standalone calendar so having WordPress is not required.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to develop my own home-grown editorial calendar and nothing has worked exactly like I wanted it to. So I was pleased to find CoSchedule and have been using it since early this year. I’ve noticed a lot of other food bloggers are using it too, so that’s why Nicole is on the show today talking about tips about how to use it best.

But whether you use CoSchedule or not, you’ll get some great advice from today’s episode. For example, Nicole talks about the importance of creating consistency in your blog marketing plan.

I think having a plan and sticking to it is so important when you’re in the long haul of blogging. — Nicole Johnson

Finding a process to consistently market your content, connecting with other food bloggers, and create high-quality content is the key to success for food bloggers. Listen in as Nicole provides some great tips for finding success with all three of these.

Featured Content – Using CoSchedule for Food Bloggers with Nicole Johnson

Here are some of the highlights of my discussion with Nicole:

  • Why Nicole started her blog Or Whatever You Do and how Nicole became a Customer Success Agent with CoSchedule
  • Nicole talks about her process for creating a scheduled post with CoSchedule
  • Nicole talks about the editorial calendar features of CoSchedule
  • Nicole talks about one of the benefits of CoSchedule – that you’re blog posts and social media sharing are all on one place.
  • Nicole talks about how she uses notes and tasks features of CoSchedule
  • Nicole describes how CoSchedule has communication tools for teams, but that she also uses those for her individual work on blog posts.
  • We talk about the social media sharing capabilities of CoSchedule and how you can scheduled shared content right from WordPress.
  • Nicole shares some best practices she’s seen from people using CoSchedule, such as collaborate teamwork on content marketing.
  • Nicole also uses CoSchedule to create tasks that helps her stay on track with sharing recipes to FoodGawker, TasteSpotting and even some of her FaceBook recipe sharing groups as well.
  • We talk about how you can use CoSchedule to create a Drip Campaign for both new and old content on your site
  • Nicole describes the analytics that CoSchedule provides for your posts, both old and new
  • The importance of crafting unique messages for your social media shares to avoiding spamming practices

Show Notes

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